Strawberries & Champaign in the Rain? Wimbledon's Most Exotic Prop Betting Odds

Lee Phelps

Thursday, June 25, 2015 6:10 PM UTC

Thursday, Jun. 25, 2015 6:10 PM UTC

Will the weather be kind to Wimbledon? Will there be enough strawberries? These are just a couple of prop bets William Hill's Lee Phelps is looking ahead of the biggest two weeks in SW19.


We’re all ready for a great two weeks of tennis at Wimbledon and there will be plenty of betting opportunities on court. We’re going to look at the off-court specials now, with weather high on the agenda.


Snow to Fall at Centre Court During The 2015 Wimbledon Championship +25000 at William Hill
It’s probably best to keep your money to yourself on this one! The latest recorded snowfall in the UK was way back in1791 when flakes fell on June 12th, but obviously even that isn’t late enough for Wimbledon.

More recently we saw snow on June 7th in 1985 and June 2nd in 1975, but I think we’re safe from wearing scarves, woolly hat and gloves this year.


Official Caterers for the Event to Run Out of Champagne or Strawberries +3300?
Let’s look at the bubbly first, with Lanson as one of the tournament’s sponsors it would be a major gaffe on their part if tennis fans couldn’t buy a glass or bottle of champers, so highly unlikely.

It would be an even bigger shock if strawberries ran short. The UK has experienced record levels of sunlight over the last winter and April was the warmest in four years, so (and here’s the science bit) the rate of photosynthesis has increased meaning plants have produced more sugars, resulting in better and tastier crops.

We’re told 76,000 tonnes of strawberries will be produced, which is the equivalent of 6,333 London buses full, which beats the record (set last year) of 64,000.


Temperature of 100f+ Recorded at Wimbledon Over the Two Weeks +1600
It appears I’m just knocking all of these specials out of the park one-by-one but for anyone who lives in warmer climes, we don’t get close to 37.8 (100f) often here in the UK. In fact the warmest temperature on record is 38.5 and that was in August. June’s hottest day on record was 35.6 and it was 36.5 for July.

I’ve looked at the forecast and we will be lucky to get close to 30 degrees throughout the fortnight.


No Rain To Fall At Wimbledon 2015 During Play +1000
Following on from that look at the Wimbledon weather, there is some light rain forecast, but this is the one special that I really like and at 9.0 it is a nice price too. Obviously there’s little prep you can do, other than checking the long range forecast. Play no Rain To Fall At Wimbledon 9.0 (8/1).


Full Day's Play Washed Out (not inc. Centre Court) +800
Obviously I’m not keen on a full day being lost to the rain, given my enthusiasm for no rain during the two weeks, one other reason being that there is some moderate wind forecast so any rain showers will blow over fairly quickly.


Any Player to Be Cautioned for Excessive Grunting on Court +800?
The peak of the grunting complaints came in 2012, when rumours were rife that Wimbledon bosses were going to bring in grunt-ometers!

The women’s game was particularly bad, but the volume seems to have lowered recently somewhat.


Any Player to Be Asked to Change as Clothing Doesn't Comply with Rules +100?
The whites of Wimbledon is what makes the tournament special and the rules are very strict. They stipulate clothing should be entirely, with a single trim of colour measuring one centimetre or less on the neckline or cuff!

Roger Federer was asked to change his trainers because of an orange sole in 2013, so even the best have to abide by the regulation. Don’t be surprised if a player infringes the rule, given that it is so strict and the 2.0 (Evs) on offer is probably worth a play.

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