Sports BIT: Celebrate The 4th With Winning MLB Locks

Teddy Covers

Monday, July 4, 2016 3:00 PM UTC

Monday, Jul. 4, 2016 3:00 PM UTC

On the 4th of July edition of SportsBIT, Teddy and Pauly skip their usual ‘Deep Dive’ – it’s a short show today, focusing on what bettors need to know about today’s MLB odds. 


And there’s a lot that bettors need to know when it comes to the nuances of betting 4th of July MLB Odds.

The show opens with a rant – MLB screwed this up pretty badly, almost as if Bud Selig – Mr. PR Blunder Himself -- was still the commissioner. Nine different teams had to travel off a road game to another early start daytime road game. And yes, that includes the Braves, who got a ‘home’ game in Ft Bragg, North Carolina last night; 380 miles from Atlanta. 


The Marlins and Braves not only had significant travel, they’re also in the very rare setting of ‘travel ling after a night game, prior to a day game the next day’. The Brewers, Pirates and Yankees all travel East at least one time zone, losing sleep as a result. Here’s a complete list of the teams in tough travel spots today:

BREWERS (St. Louis to Washington)
PIRATES (Oakland to St. Louis)
REDS (Washington to Chicago)
BRAVES (Night to Day; Fort Bragg to Philadelphia)
ROCKIES (Los Angeles to San Francisco)
MARLINS (Night to Day; Fort Bragg to New York)
ANGELS (Boston to Tampa)
RANGERS (Minnesota to Boston)
YANKEES (San Diego to Chicago)

But those aren’t the only teams in tough travel spots. Oakland and Seattle aren’t travelling road to road – both played at home yesterday. But both squads crossed two time zones heading East, with 11:10 AM start times on their personal body clocks. There’s a legitimate reason why there is only ONE road favorite on the entire MLB betting board by Bovada today, with the New York Yankees comprising the entirety of the ‘road chalk’ betting options on Monday.

Check out the full show – including a ‘Play of the Day’ MLB Pick that incorporates the travel issues discussed above – right here, right now.

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