Sports Betting Tips: GOYH Part 6, False Expectations vs. Reality

Joe Gavazzi

Thursday, July 30, 2015 5:20 PM UTC

Thursday, Jul. 30, 2015 5:20 PM UTC

In part 6 of our sports betting articles, we will explain how fear doesn't have to dictacte our life decisions. Get rid of your emotional conditioning and start betting like a pro without fear & start winning!

At an early age, we learn to be guided by fear. We learn through negative experience. What we see, hear, touch, taste, or smell-or are taught by our parents or teachers. We learn to fear. We touch a hot object and get burned. Don’t want to do that again. We see or experience an object (hopefully not you) falling from an edge. We needn’t know the force is called “gravity” before fearing high ledges. You can think of hundreds of examples.

In our teenage years, we become emotionally conditioned: dumped by the girlfriend, parents get divorced, a family member or friend dies. All painful, negative emotional experiences as a result of our close attachment to those loved ones. No wonder fear of commitment is a major issue in so many peoples’ lives. The other common areas where fear dictates our lives are money and sex. Take a moment to reflect on your own life to isolate what fears control the choices you make, how much fear controls you, and how much more freedom you would feel in your life if you were not influenced or controlled by your fear.

News Flash! It doesn’t have to be this way. It is your choice to live a life in which your choices are not dictated by fear of the consequences. Of course, the first step is to begin by making well-conceived choices. Once you believe your choice has no apparent and immediate negative consequences, then take action with the faith of the acronym that Fear is nothing more than:


That’s right, if you have taken the time to make well-conceived choices, you have no reason to fear the consequences for you have done the best that you could in that present moment of time.  In other words, “you have nothing to fear, but fear itself!”

Now the question becomes: How can we apply the above information to our betting lives to make it more prosperous and enjoyable? Let’s consider (3) scenarios, followed by common principles that hold the keys to success.


Keys to Success #1 
Your wagering results are hovering around 50%. You feel you’ve had some tough beats and wonder when things will even out.

Probable truth: the breaks probably have evened out (they always do). In reality you’ve become impatient for success and are disappointed (headed toward angry) that your expectations are not met. You fear a losing streak.


Keys to Success #2: 
You are mired in a bad losing streak. Your resources are drying up to pay your gambling losses. The mortgage and other bills are due. There are pressures at work, your wife thinks you are “distracted”, and the kids need your attention. There is less time to handicap. You just pick the obvious games that you’re sure will win. But you’re “scared to death.”

Probable truth: You faced the unpleasant consequences of money issues before in your life and rather than understanding that you’ve survived those, you are now focusing on the fact that you could go “belly up” losing everything. Fear!


Keys to Success #3:
You are enjoying the fruits of your labor, with a solid winning streak. Just like you hoped, that long awaited positive reward has been obtained. Now you’re thinking, "Shouldn’t I stop betting, now that I finally won? What if I start to lose?"

Probable Truth: You had a hot streak before in your life (probably with good breaks, like this time), then you start to lose. You couldn’t accept not getting back to your “high water mark” and plummeted into a deeper losing streak as bad breaks evened out the good and you “chased” the losers in an effort to get even.


There you have it. Three fear driven scenarios that you’ve all experienced in some version or to some degree if you’ve bet long enough. But wait, didn’t I promise a solution to eliminate all this fear driven emotional agony? I did. 

So here it is…
Just remember-I didn’t say it would be sexy or glamorous. Coping with fear rarely is. What we are looking to do is to eliminate your false expectations against reality and the key to that are well-conceived choices.

Knowing that, we must rely on the (2) key ingredients which must be mastered before any level of handicapping proficiency can even be considered. Make these the mantra of your daily handicapping process and you will never fear losing results again.
~Game selection management
~A proven money management system

‘Til next time….

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