Sports Betting Tips: GOYH Part 2, Setting Realistic Expectations

Joe Gavazzi

Thursday, July 23, 2015 3:04 PM UTC

Thursday, Jul. 23, 2015 3:04 PM UTC

In this second part of this 8-piece sports handicapping series I'm working on, I'll cover how expectations are your worst enemy when betting sports, and how you can eliminate these to make yourself a winner!

You can understand that the unrealistic expectations of 70% winners that is hyped by the sports service industry can lead to major disappointment. That disappointment is inevitably followed by resentment, criticism, blame, and eventually anger. You don’t have to be a sports bettor to understand that progression. It’s happened to you repeatedly in your personal life or business life. Think about those examples. But if you classify the advice that follows as “meaningless psycho babble”, I assure you that you are never going to be successful as a sports bettor.


Expectation is the Root of All Heartache
Let’s stay with the subject at hand to discuss two examples of unmet expectations and the repercussions that follow:

- You are lured by an unscrupulous marketer from  a sports service who promises you 70% winners. You bite, and give him an exorbitant fee...


-A recent string of good fortune makes you feel as though you will never have another losing streak and when you do... well, you’ve been there.

The progression of unmet expectations to eventual anger leaves you above the “think line” where rational thinking is replaced by negative emotion.

That’s a combination that will lead to a series of bad sports betting choices every time. The resulting string of losers and compulsions to recover your losses leads to “chasing”, the ultimate demise of 98% of sports bettors.

Your wagers become fear based. Instead of focusing on reliable indicators, you have focused on the bad fortune of your recent past. Or you become fearful that future results will become equally bad. Anxiety and fear are controllable emotions that should never enter your present moment. Your avocation that was meant to bring you pleasure has turned into an emotional and financial nightmare. Not to mention how physically bad you feel. And why? All because you have allowed unmet expectations to spiral you downward, out of your present moment.

It’s ugly. But you and only you, can fix it. When you do, you will understand you need never go down that miserable path, in sports betting or in life, ever again. The next segment of this article will discuss exactly what you can do to return to your present moment and take control of your life.

Remember how it felt when you were agonizing with the anxiety and fear of unmet expectations that was causing your life to spiral downward in a sea of negative emotion? Well, I promised I would show you how you, and only you, can fix it.


Expect Less, Live More
I like to say that “following instructions is the hardest thing we do in life”. Our ego always leads us to believe that our way is better. But if you adopt the simple tenets of this successful philosophy, and make them your own, you will live your life with more freedom, peace, and prosperity than you ever imagined.

First, understand that you are in control of only one moment in time. That moment is now! But you are totally, completely, and undeniably in control of it; and personally responsible for every choice and consequence of your decision in that moment. Give your full attention and focus to every now moment and only every now moment. Allow every bit of your mind and body to be totally aware of your present moment. In so doing, you will release all guilt and anxiety of the past and remove all fear of the future. There is no room for those negative emotions when you positively focus on the now.

By giving your full attention to every present moment your life becomes a series of now moments that are void of expectations, disappointments, resentment, anger, criticism and blame, that lead us to the downward spiral that fuels negative emotion.

In so doing, it becomes remarkably easy to accept every outcome, without blaming anyone for the results. This, in turn, frees endless streams of energy to focus on your next now moment

If you don’t believe this is among the most powerful advice you have ever received about sports betting, simply let your mind wander to the past, focus on your most recent losing streak, and the unpleasant negative emotions you suffered.

Remember, you are in charge of every now moment. Make them all as successful as you can, accept the results, and watch the string of wins that follow.

In Part 3 of “Get Out of your Head” I will share with you a simple, but powerful excercise, that will clear your mind, allowing you to more easily return, and stay, in your present moment. 

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