Sports Betting New Year's Resolutions

Swinging Johnson

Monday, January 1, 2018 6:53 PM UTC

Monday, Jan. 1, 2018 6:53 PM UTC

In an effort to improve our sports betting percentages and cash those tickets year round, we will give our New Year's Resolutions of Do's and Dont's. Let's get to it and may all your bets be ATS covers!

In the New Year I Vow To...

* Manage My Bankroll - Whether you're a big-time wise guy or a small town pea-shooter we all have a bankroll. Preserving it when the going gets tough is our chief priority. Don't chase a team or a losing streak, and for the luvva gawd don't bet more than five-percent of your allotted bankroll on any one side or total. There are no guarantees in life - or in sports betting.

* Stick to the Script - Flat wagers are the best wagers. Exotics like teasers, parlays, action-reverses, action-reverse bird cages, and round robins are created by bookies for the benefit of bookies. Sure, there are those days where you will hit everything under the sun and believe this game is easy but over the long haul flat plays will yield the best results.

* Beware of Scamdicappers - We're talking about paid touts who massage their ATS record and/or outright lie about it. These charlatans will swear they hit 70 percent or better and all you have to do is send your hard-earned dough to gain access to their preternatural powers of prognostication. Don't buy it - literally! As the old adage goes, if they were that good they wouldn't need your money.

* Discuss Amongst Ourselves - There are sports gambling forums designed specifically to bring together those who would rather bet on a game than play 18 holes at their local course. Sportsbookreview just happens to be the industry leader so check out the sub-forums for opinions on NFL, NHL, MLB, NBA and college sports to gain a different perspective. Sure there are chumps spouting nonsense but before long you will discover the posters with learned opinions if you just keep at it and offer a few thoughts of your own. Constructive criticism can save you money.

* Be Proud of My Hobby - I always say that if sports gambling is your form of recreation then do it right because while others are pouring their discretionary income into a speedboat, a sports car, or a golf membership and the endless state-of-the-art equipment that it entails, at least you have a chance of making money when it's all said and done. There's no better feeling than being financially rewarded for making the right decision while having a good time watching your investment pay dividends.

* Shop Around - You wouldn't buy a car at the first dealer you visit so why would you limit yourself to one bookmaker? A half-point can be the difference between a cover and a push or a push and a loss. A full point can be the difference between a winner and a loser. Different books have different lines and betting odds so make sure you have more than one out. Also, SBR has a letter grade system for identifying online sportsbooks that are the cream of the crop all the way down to those that are the bottom of the barrel. It's okay to sweat the game - but never the payout.

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