Soccer Picks: Manchester United 2013-14 Futures Betting

Mike Richardson

Wednesday, May 22, 2013 12:47 PM UTC

Wednesday, May. 22, 2013 12:47 PM UTC

You know that what's-his-name has left Manchester United after the most successful managerial tenure in living memory all eyes look to the future and ask what's under the Manchester United.

Thankfully your Humble Handicapper is on hand to tell you just what will happen.

It would be utterly redundant team to attempt to list Alex Ferguson's massive achievements while manager of Manchester United, therefore let’s to the chase and look at the Red Devils’ future (it might not be very impressive). If you think that the wheels are spectacularly gonna come off under new management you should know that the bookies have Manchester United at 1/200 to finish in the top six this season.

That's the same odds as Manchester City, but twice as likely as Chelsea, six times likely as Arsenal and about 35 times as likely as Spurs.

Quite simply you be nuts to bet on Manchester United not finishing in the top six.

Or maybe you've got a couple of quid there and like a wild bet, either way anything more than the sort of money that you find in the back of the sofa shouldn't go on that.

A considerably more sensible bet is to look at Manchester United winning the Premier League they are around the 15/8 on most shop's soccer odds boards.

Personally I don't think that Manchester United will win the Premier League but am not entirely sure that it'll be City either.

There's an awful of games to play and I'm not entirely sure I can say without a conviction who will win however I do think betting on either Manchester side is hardly an inspiring better.

Want to see Some Money and Thrills?

I'm just feeling that with Manchester City possibly having a league winning manager installed, Arsenal on a scorching hot run based on their last 10 games, Chelsea possibly being under the stewardship of the special one, Liverpool due a good run, Everton looking reasonably tasty and Spurs almost playing out of spite for a Champions League place it is possible that what would seem unthinkable might just happen.

You can pick up massive odds of 7/1 on Manchester United not finishing in the top four, at the same odds as Man City, finishing outside a champions league spot.

If you're a safer better, why not take a trip down the bookies and put whatever spare $$$$ you got on Man Utd finishing in the top four, they’re 1/14 the clear favourite with the bookies they also goes as high as 1/20 with some oddsmakers, but for that sort of money and nine months away until your return….you might not invest in gold.

Premier League Betting Tip: Heavy betting against Manchester United, mostly out of spite for your soccer picks.

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