Soccer Picks: Manchester City 2013-14 EPL Future Odds Betting

Mike Richardson

Thursday, June 13, 2013 6:26 PM UTC

Thursday, Jun. 13, 2013 6:26 PM UTC

The dust has barely settled on the previous season's excitement but that's no reason not to start betting on NEXT season!

It's all changed in Manchester City, there’s no better time to have a look at the odds regarding the silver medal sporting Citizens.

First things first it's worth noting that Manchester city are the bookies second favourite at 12/5 to win the Premier League next season,  behind Manchester United at 11/5 but ahead of Chelsea at 5/2.

Enough with the winnings…WHERE’S THE MONEY MIKE?

Some people are expecting great things from Manchester City this season, however I think new manager or not the same problems will follow the Citizens around and their best chance of Premier League victory is for something bad to happen to Manchester United…like Alex Ferguson stepping down perhaps…

You should know that both City and United are at soccer odds of 1/14 or 1/12 to finish in the top four. so all of the bookies seem to be convinced that they will continue to do pretty well. I think it's borderline inconceivable that four other clubs will do better than City. Chelsea might Arsenal might United might but I can't see a Spurs or a Liverpool forcing their way into the fantastic four.

Same Old Top Four

Similarly unsurprising is that the bookies have City at 16/19 to finish in the top two which is pretty much the surest thing after Man Utd which is a 5/7. Even a special team with a special manager, like Chelsea, who have been offered up at 6/7 to break into the top two next season.

The bookies consider it a two horse race this year with Chelsea being the dark outsider. Many sports books are offering odds of a mini-league outside of the top three and heading up the pack is Arsenal at 4/7 but that's clearly a side bet because all eyes will be on the main prize of Premier League victory.

Crazy Talk

If you wanna be daft why not have a little punt on Manchester City being relegated which is a whopping 5,000/1 however if you're that way inclined I know Nigerian prince who will transfer you half a million quid if you just supply me with all your bank details and your pin number and your credit card details, honestly.

If you simply MUST have an interesting bet why not have a cheeky one at 50/1 odds of the next Man City manager being the next Premier League manager to step down. It's big fat odds but it's certainly worth a couple of pounds as the club seems to have a ruthless attitude towards the slightest whiff of failure.

Long story short, City will do well in 2013-14 but City won't win the Premier League next season. I would throw my money into that basket for my EPL Futures soccer picks.

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