Soccer Picks: Liverpool Future Odds 2014-2015

Mike Richardson

Wednesday, July 16, 2014 12:40 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jul. 16, 2014 12:40 PM UTC

The dust is now settling on Brazil and if you followed your Humble Handicapper’s top tips you would have made a Germany sized profit from the World Cup, now do you want to pocket your winnings or double down betting on Liverpool FC’s EPL futures? Winners read on…


What a season it was and WHAT a season it nearly was for Liverpool last time out. The Reds scored 101 league goals which (as all pub bores will know) was the highest number of goals scored by a Premier League runner-up, not to mention the highest number of goals ever scored by the club in the EPL. What’s more Mr Bitey (Luis Suarez) finished as the Premier League’s top scorer with 31 goals, as well as being crowned the PFA Players' Player of the Year, and Steven (Slipper) Gerrard finished the season with the most assists; 13. The club also managed UEFA Champions League qualification for their first time since finishing second in 2008-2009 EPL season, but it was in the end it was a disappointing runner up season, even though it was the closest the club had come to winning a league title since 1990.

The Merseysiders’ hopes of winning their first league title in 24 years ended on the last day of the season when Manchester City beat West Ham 2-0, despite Liverpool beating Newcastle 2-1, although your Humble Handicapper knew it was over long before that.


The biggie is, will Liverpool win the league? And your Humble Handicapper knows that they won’t. The bookies have Liverpool at best soccer odds of 10/1 to win the league, which puts them behind four other teams, Chelsea, both Manchetsers and Arsenal. There is some good news for Liverpool as the bookies seem to have decide that there is now a “big five” in the EPL as Spurs (6th favourite to win the league outright) are at a massive 66/1, and Newcastle united are seventh favourite, but at a crazy 1000/1. Clearly after the first five clubs in England there's a real big drop off in soccer talent.

Also, Liverpool are fifth favourite at 21/5 to finish in the top 2, that should speak volumes.

If you’re feeling mean you could always back Liverpool with your soccer pick to be relegated at 1250/1 but those odds tell you how likely that is. More sensible bets include backing Liverpool you finish in the top three at 9/5, as Manchester United will be breaking in another new manager and Manchester City aren’t very good at defending titles. If one of those teams slips up and something happens to Arsenal, Liverpool might go for the bronze, but third is as high as your Humble Handicapper is willing to back them. You can also get 10/11 on a top four finish for Liverpool, but my wife’s money isn’t going there, especially as “not top four” is at the same odds.


Looking elsewhere
Liverpool won’t win the league – seriously, they were lucky last season (and luck doesn’t roll on like that) and this term they will not only be missing Luis Suarez, (and your Humble Handicapper always says that you can’t play a bag of money on the wing) but they’ll have the albatross of European football to deal with. But your Humble Handicapper likes Liverpool and will happily (with memories of Istanbul in his mind) have a couple of quid on sports picks backing them to win the Champions League at 28/1, but more serious money and more serious betting on them winning the FA Cup at  best soccer odds of 8/1 and the League cup at 9/1.

If you think that Liverpool will do well but don’t have the balls to bet on them winning anything you can always shave a “safer” bet on their manager Brendan Rodgers winning manager of the year at 8/1, which is a very tidy return.

If you reckon Liverpool will do what they did last season, that is score more than any other team but not win the league, you can pick up best soccer odds of 5/1 (third favourite) on them being the most prolific goal scorers, but as that man Suarez is elsewhere Liverpool’s attack will be missing a bit of bite, so don’t bet on that. Do bet on there being plenty of similar dental jokes made about that player when the 2014-15 EPL season kicks off.

Prediction: Sorry, not even a top four finish for Liverpool next season, but there will be some cup glory.  

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