Soccer Picks: Champions League Future Odds & Predictions

Mike Richardson

Tuesday, March 19, 2013 7:25 PM UTC

Tuesday, Mar. 19, 2013 7:25 PM UTC

Football is the best sport on the planet and one of the best competitions to get your teeth and is the Champions League. Thanks to your Humble Handicapper you can not only enjoy the sweet footballing action but make a decent bit of money out of it too.

There are just eight sides left in the Champions League and it is the nature of the beast that it's not quite an even spread as the bookies seem to think there are four sides were more likely than the rest to take it.

First amongst equals

Barcelona may be the favourites at 28/17 but you shouldn't discount Real Madrid at 13/5 to win it Bayern Munich are 5/1 and Borsia Dortmund are 8/1. I say the only long that that stands out for me is Juventus at 16/1.

If none of that excites you can always spread your soccer picks around betting on an all-Spanish final which would throw another El Clásico and is available at 5/18.

Keep it Spanish!

You might like to know that Barcelona are 3/15 to progress furthest of the Spanish sides, while Real Madrid are 2/7 and our way out in the third is Malaga at 9/15.

Achtung baby!

If you prefer your finals with a German flavour you can pick up the soccer odds of 19/1 on it being all-German final.

Looking at the next round of matches Bayern Munich the clear favourite to beat Juventus they are at 8/11 to win the match and are 4/7 to make it through to the next round while Juventus or 6/4.

There's an easy bet in one draw which is Madrid at 1/5 to beat Galatasaray at home, they are also 1/7 to qualify Galatasaray are 9/2.

Elsewhere, Dortmund are going up against Malaga so we should see at least one underdog in the next round. Malaga might have a slight advantage by if they get any sort of result in Germany in the next match and will be favourites to go through however at present Malaga are 7/4 to make it through to the next round while Dortmund are 2/7.

This very tasty class when Barcelona take on Paris Saint-Germain. Obviously Barcelona are the favourites in this match at 4/6 and to qualify that 1/7. But one of the joys of football is that amazing things can happen, and the French side might just cause a cause an upset, and your Humble Handicapper will stick a couple of pounds on the underdogs in this match just because the odds so tasty.

Those are my top free picks from the next round of Champions League matches and all the smart money says that Barcelona will be the side lifting the trophy.

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