Soccer Picks: 2013-14 Serie A Futures & Betting Odds

Sunday, August 4, 2013 1:31 PM UTC

Sunday, Aug. 4, 2013 1:31 PM UTC

Football, football, football, with an especially Italian flavour is on the card once again and thanks to your Humble Handicapper's tips, the clever better can make plenty of money out of Serie A's games.
<p style="text-align:center"></p> <p><span style="font-size:1em"><br />Before we go any further it would be rude and in this event not to mention the fact that Juventus are reigning champions and their tally of 29 titles makes them the most prolific winners in Serie A history. Things get underway on 24 August and run all the way through to 18 May next year.</span></p> <p><img style="font-size:1em" src="/picks-pictures/AC-Milan-Kickette-Weekend-Results-Serie-A-round-up-200.jpg" class="imgSelectedPicture article-image" alt="Image preview" id="ctl00_head_ArticleAdministrator_picturePreview_imgSelectedPicture" /><strong>Enough with the dates…WHERE'S THE MONEY MIKE?</strong></p> <p>The three promoted sides, which are the Serie B champions Sassuolo, silver medalists Hellas Verona and play-off winning Livorno. Hellas Verona make a welcome return to Serie A after 11 years, Livorno are back after 4 seasons and have a nice warm welcome for Sassuolo, who will make their Serie A debut. These sides will be happy just to stay up, but the odds on them going down are 10/11 for Livorno, 20/19 for Sassuolo and 11/8 for Verona and our <a target="_blank" title="Soccer Picks" href="/soccer/">futures soccer picks</a>.</p> <p>If you keep things interesting at the bottom of the table you can bet on Verona coming out on top of this three team mini league at 11/10 while Sassuolo are 6/4 and Livorno are 7/2.</p> <p>Mrs Richardson is a big fan of everything Italian especially their wine, their shoes and their fashion therefore she takes a close interest in your Humble Handicapper's winnings from Serie A each and every season.</p> <p><strong>Same Old For Juventus</strong></p> <p>The most obvious things to say that the bookies have as their favourite to lift the title again, Juventus and 5/6 while AC Milan are 5/1 in second place, third favourite is Napoli at 8/1 and then things start to get a little bit silly with Inter Milan at 14/1. I find it very difficult to back any other result but a Juventus victory in the stakes.</p> <p>A another interesting thing to bet on is Marrio Balotelli to be  given the Italian golden boot he's at very short <a target="_blank" title="Live Betting Odds" href="/betting-odds/soccer/">betting odds</a> of 3/1 but behind 5/1 Gonzalo Higuain also in contention is Antonio Di Natale who sits at 8/1. </p> <p>I'm very tempted to bet against Mario just because he has such an outstanding record of bad behaviour he could qualify for Parliamentary status in Italy. </p> <p><strong>Free Picks:</strong> Juventus had a 30th title to their tally.</p> <p>Be sure to look at our future predictions for the:</p> <p><a target="_blank" title="Liga Futures 2013-14" href="/soccer/free-picks/soccer-betting-la-liga-2013-14-futures-betting-odds-a-32622/">The Spanish La Liga</a></p> <p><a target="_blank" title="EPL 2013-14" href="/soccer/free-picks/soccer-betting-2013-14-epl-futures-betting-odds-a-32619/">English Premier League</a></p> <p><a target="_blank" title="Bundasliga" href="/soccer/free-picks/soccer-betting-2013-14-bundesliga-futures-betting-odds-a-32618/">German Bundesliga</a></p>
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