Soccer Futures Picks: Serie A Relegation Betting Preview

Nikki Adams

Sunday, August 16, 2015 6:27 PM UTC

Sunday, Aug. 16, 2015 6:27 PM UTC

Italy’s Serie A is set to get underway next weekend and we look at the clubs favoured to be relegated. Find out what soccer odds are currently trading in relegation betting markets.

Serie A 2015-2016 Preview
While the race for the title appears to be a foregone conclusion with Juventus expected to pull off a successful title defence campaign and win a fifth straight title, the battle at the bottom of the table is expected to be anything but.  Eight teams are trading in triple-digits on the relegation odds board, marking almost half the league that could potential be up for the chopping block by season end.

TEAMS Bet365 Betfair
Frosinone -400 -1000
Carpi FC -250 -333
Bologna +225 +150
Empoli +250 +250
Chievo +250 +300
Verona +350 +400
Atalanta +400 +600
Sassuolo +550 +450
Palermo +1200 +800
Udinese +1600 +900
Sampdoria +2000 +1100
Torino +2000 +2500
Genoa +3300 +3300
Fiorentina +20000 +50000
Lazio +25000 +25000
AC Milan +100000 +100000
Inter Milan +100000 +100000
SSC Napoli +200000 +100000
AS Roma +200000 +250000
Juvenus +500000 +500000


Relegation Faves in Italy
According to the odds makers, the favourites for relegation are Frosinone and Capri FC, the pair trading on the favourite side of EVEN money. At Betfair, Frosinone are the runaway favourites at absurd -1000 soccer odds to be demoted. Hardly a ringing endorsement for their upcoming season is it. Similarly, Carpi FC's -333 soccer odds are rather pricey. Those soccer bettors looking to back these two relative unknown entities are best served going to Bet365 or other sportsbooks with more people-friendly prices where this pair is concerned.

Others that could be in-line for relegation according to Serie A soccer odds makers include a vast range of clubs from Bolgona, Empoli and Chievo to the likes of Verona, Atalanta and Sassuolo. Betfair takes it a couple of steps further by adding Palermo and Udinese to their short list of triple-digit favourites to be relegated, which marks exactly half of the field. It’s a good thing only a few teams get relegated by season end, otherwise the turnover in Italy would be absurd from season-to-season.

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Top Picks for Relegation
Frosinone and Capri FC are the likeliest to go down, with favourable soccer odds to be relegated at Bet365. However, there’s one more spot that needs to be vacated as three teams line up for relegation. For that we recommend either backing Atalanta, who finished 17th last season and avoided relegation by the skin of its teeth, at +600 at Betfair. As well, place soccer picks on Empoli at +250, who finished in 15th place last season but figures to struggle this season.

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