SBR’s IFCB: Texas Hold'em Poker for Dummies

Friday, July 21, 2017 1:45 PM UTC

Friday, Jul. 21, 2017 1:45 PM UTC

SBR is holding its first annual International Football Betting Conference (IFBC) and a free entry into their $5000 Texas Hold’em tournament is part of the package. But let’s get the basics down before we hit the felt.

<p>The first annual <a href="" rel="nofollow" title="Click Here For More!">International Football Betting Conference (IFBC)</a> will be held in beautiful Costa Rica on August 4<sup>th</sup> and 5<sup>th</sup>. Part of the package is a free entry into <a href="" title="Register For The Tournament Here">SBR’s $5000 hyper turbo Texas Hold’em event</a>, so register now and rake later!</p><p> </p><h2>Poker Hierarchy</h2><p>If you don’t know the difference between rags and rockets or cowboys and ladies then this is the perfect place to learn. Before we discuss the mechanics of the game, let’s make sure we know what beats what in the exciting world of Texas Hold’em.</p><ul> <li><strong>High Card – </strong>If there are no matches on the board, the player with the highest card wins. The order is as follows from lowest to highest; 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, Jack, Queen, King, Ace.</li> <li><strong>One Pair –</strong> If two or more players have one pair the person with the highest pair wins.</li> <li><strong>Two Pair -</strong> If two or more players have two pair the person with the highest two pair wins.</li> <li><strong>Three of a Kind –</strong> Also called a “set”, this is a tough hand to beat unless you have any of the hands below.</li> <li><strong>Straight –</strong> A straight is formed with five cards in consecutive order but not of the same suit. Ten through ace is the highest straight possible while ace through five (also called the “wheel”) is the lowest.</li> <li><strong>Flush –</strong> A flush is five cards, all of the same suit, and in any order. If more than one player has a flush, the winner is determined by the highest ranking card. Therefore, if I have 2, 6, 7, 10, and Jack of hearts but my opponent has 3, 4, 5, 8, and Queen of hearts then my opponent would win because his high card is a queen versus my high card being a jack.</li> <li><strong>Full House –</strong> Also called a “full boat” or a “boat” this hand is comprised of a set and a pair. This means the player must have three of a kind and a pair on the same board.</li> <li><strong>Four of a Kind –</strong> Also known as “quads”, this is four of the same ranked card. Four aces is the best book of quads all the way down to four 2’s. Remember all hands in Texas Hold’em are comprised of the best five cards. Therefore, if the quads are on the board, the player with the highest ranked card in his hand wins. If the board shows the highest ranked card then the players involved in the hand will split the pot.</li> <li><strong>Straight Flush –</strong> This is a combination of a straight and a flush. Five consecutively ranked cards of the same suit comprise a straight flush.</li> <li><strong>Royal Straight Flush –</strong> Also known as “Broadway”, this is the mother of all hands. A straight flush ranked from 10 to ace. Nothing beats it.</li></ul><p> </p><h2><strong>How to Play</strong></h2><ol> <li>Each player is dealt two cards.</li> <li>Betting consists of the small blind and big blind. A big blind signifies the minimum amount one can bet and remain in the hand. The person in the small blind is required to put up half the big blind and can choose to fold, match the big blind (if no raises took place) or raise himself. A raise must be double the big blind if no raises occurred before the player in the small blind gets his turn. Depending on the rules, blinds are doubled anywhere from every 10 minutes to every hour.</li> <li>Once everyone has bet or folded, the dealer will burn the top card of the deck (throw it to the side) and deal three cards. This is called the “flop”. Another round of betting begins and those who choose to remain in the hand will see the dealer burn the top card again and deal one card. This is called the turn (when the fourth card is dealt). Another round of betting ensues and the fifth and final card is dealt. This is called the river, where imminent victory can turn into a soul-crushing defeat with just the turn of that final card.</li> <li>In tournament play, every player begins with the same amount of chips. The cost of the tournament has nothing to do with the starting chip stack. It all depends on the individual rules for that particular tournament. The player with all the chips at the end wins the tournament.</li></ol><h2 style="text-align:center"><a href="" title="Don’t Get Shut Out of SBR’s $5000 Guaranteed Texas Hold’em Tournament on August 4th!">Don’t Get Shut Out of SBR’s $5000 Guaranteed Texas Hold’em Tournament on August 4th!</a></h2>
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