SBR Bash -2017 Poker Tournament

Swinging Johnson

Thursday, December 22, 2016 5:11 PM UTC

Thursday, Dec. 22, 2016 5:11 PM UTC

SBR will be holding its annual bash on Saturday, February 4th, 2017 at the Hard Rock Hotel in Punta Cana. But the fireworks really begin on Super Bowl Sunday with the annual SBR Poker Tournament sponsored by Let’s get this party started!

Poker – I Don’t Even Know Her!

There are no free lunches in life but, apparently, SBR never got the memo. Sportsbookreview will be picking up the tab for up to 40 SBR Pros for two nights lodging and plenty of other shenanigans, including a poker tournament with no entry fee! That’s a price every SBR Pro can manage particularly when you consider $5000 will be distributed to the top nine finishers out of a maximum field of 50 players, courtesy of

And let’s not forget, SBR personalities will be in attendance to meet, greet and regale the attendees with tales of long odds, good times and bad beats. That’s right, you will see Money Mike Brenner in the flesh, Loshak’s mustache, and SBR’s intrepid reporter, Ms. Natalie Rydstrom. If that’s not enough of a tantalizing trifecta then just wait for the booze to kick in and you’ll be dancing on the tables in no time.

Speaking of tables, let’s chat a moment about the poker tournament on Sunday, February 5th, 2017 at 9:30 AM local time at the Hard Rock Poker Room. Imagine seeing all those posters with whom you’ve exchanged pleasantries in the Player’s Talk Forum or in the Saloon. The many joyful hours you’ve spent admiring the wit, wisdom, and acts of human kindness emanating from our own little corner of cyberspace. Now you have your opportunity to show them just how much you appreciate their unique perspectives by sitting down and playing against them in a No Limit Texas Hold’em Tournament.

We at SBR realize that many of you will be cheering each other on, rooting for that innovative poster or posters, who always seem to have a new pet name for you. Words like degenerate, loser, freak and a litany of other expletive-laden descriptives often pepper the forum, making the conversations colorful, creative and fun! Well, now you can show them exactly how much you appreciate them by burying them at the poker table. Call their queens-in-the hole raise with your 3, 8 of clubs. When you win, just tell’em, “Hey they were suited!” Hilarity ensues and you will all become the very best of friends.


5K Up for Grabs

Below are the details for SBR’s annual No Limit Hold’em Poker Tournament sponsored by After the game, retire to your favorite watering hole where you will have plenty of time to place your bets and watch the Super Bowl on one of Hard Rock’s many giant flat screens. If you are an SBR Pro, it’s the only place to be, so make your reservations and get in on all the action!


Where - Hard Rock Hotel, Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

When - Sunday, February 5, 2017 at 9:30 am *local time*

Location - Hard Rock Poker Room

Players - Max 50; first 36 SBR posters to show seated immediately. Contestants must bring their SBR name tags.


$5K Cold, Hard Cash Prize-Pool1. $2,0002. $1,0003. $6004. $4505. $3756. $2507. $1508. $1259. $50

*time subject to change


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