Put a 'Lid' on Your Wagers for the Royal Wedding

Kim MacCormack

Tuesday, May 15, 2018 5:43 PM UTC

Tuesday, May. 15, 2018 5:43 PM UTC

Be part of the Royal Wedding festivities by placing bets on the color of the Queen’s hat to whether Prince Harry will still be sporting a beard.

What, you won’t be sitting in St. George’s Chapel on Saturday for the royal wedding for Prince Harry and American Meghan Markle?

Our invite got lost in the mail, too, but there are plenty of ways to have fun with the royal nuptials beyond sitting in front of the telly in a tiara drinking tea.

Wagering sites Bovada and Sports Interaction are offering odds on the royal couple’s first dance, what make the car will be that carries Markle to the chapel and whether Prince Harry will still be, well, hairy.

At Bovada, the focus is on the color of hats Queen Elizabeth and Duchess Kate Middleton will be wearing. UK sites Ladbrokes and Coral also are offering odds.

Good money has the Queen wearing a cream or ivory hat (+300) for her grandson’s wedding, with blue (+400), green (+500) and black (+600) near the top of the list. Long shots include a hat looking like the Union Jack (never!) at +10000, brown (+5000) and orange (+4000).

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It’s 4 days to go and there’s absolute roasters out camping already.

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Over the years, the Queen has worn hats in every color of the rainbow, with the Daily Mail declaring her favorite color is blue -- our pick for Saturday’s celebration. She wore robin’s egg blue at the wedding of Prince Charles and Diana, blue again when Prince Andrew and Fergie wed, and yellow at the vows of grandson Prince William and Kate. The sure bet -- that she won’t be wearing a crown -- unfortunately isn’t being offered.

Odds have Kate more likely donning green (+300), followed by blue or pink (+500), yellow (+600), purple (+700) and cream, ivory or black (+800). The Union Jack also gets short shrift (+10000) with gold (+3300) and brown (+4000) being less likely to be worn.

Fashion blogs that note every nuance of Kate’s wardrobe are all over the place with predictions of designer and color, with the only consensus being that the duchess will not draw attention from the bride. Kate is fairly conservative, so a fascinator in a bright block color will be out, but we’re hoping for pale pink or green.

You also can bet whether the Queen and Kate will be wearing the same color hat on Saturday with odds on yes (+2000) and no (-10000). This bet is a no brainer, blokes.

Sports Interaction also is offering odds the Queen’s “Chic Chapeau” as well as other offbeat bets:

  • As for the Queen’s lid, they are leaning toward green (+110) followed closely by blue (+350), pink (+550) and purple (+750). Black is least favored at +10000.

  • There are four choices for what brand of car the bride and her mother will take to St. George’s Chapel with Rolls-Royce heavily favored at -139. Bentley follows at +125, then Aston-Martin (+800) and Other (+3300). Though we think it would be grand if the “American Princess” would go the chapel in a Ford or Chevy, it isn’t going to happen. We’re going with a Rolls only because it is more likely to accommodate the dress.

  • The weather also is up for wager with clear skies favored at -1000 and rain at +500. Weather.com says it will be partly cloudy with a 10 percent chance of rain on Saturday. Leave your galoshes at home.

  • As for whether Prince Harry’s face will be clean shaven, odds are the +136 Yes and -187 No. We’re betting the cheeky royal will still have his beard.

  • You also can wager what the groom will have on chest – no, not hair – medals. Odds are -833 he’ll have 'over' 2.5 medals and +450 he’ll have 'under' 2.5 medals. For the record, the Prince has been awarded at least three medals for his military service. And please don’t ask us what constitutes half a medal.

  • The well-known foodies will serve hearty canapes and filling bowls of shepherd’s pie at the lunch reception, according to reports. A more formal dinner at Dad and Camilla’s home on Saturday evening will be more traditional with beef (+100) favored as the main course, with lamb (+200), chicken (+500) and fish/shellfish (+800) also possible entrees. If Prince Charles has been hunting lately, the main course could be more far afield such as pheasant (+1200) or venison (+1400). And for some completely different wedding fare, how ‘bout bangers and mash (+3300) or vindaloo (+5000), an Indian curry dish?

  • And finally, which artist’s song will the royal DJ spin for the newlyweds as they head to the dance floor for their first dance? Sports Interaction is offering a list 14 popular singers, including Ed Sheeran (+300), Adele (+400) and Elton John (+500) as favored choices. Also on the list but unlikely: The Spice Girls (+12500), Elle Goulding (+8000) and Kanye West (+5000). And as much as we really, really want it to be Spice Girls, we’re thinking out loud it’ll be Sheeran.

The Royal Wedding of Prince Harry and Meghan Markle will air on all U.S. major networks and cable channels, starting as early as 4 a.m. The wedding begins at 7 a.m. EST with a planned carriage ride from Windsor through the streets beginning at approximately 8 a.m. EST.

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