Prop Bets Ask You To Choose UKs Next Prime Minister

Who wants to be Britain’s next prime minister? Seems like lots of people

It still has a way to go to match the number of Democrats racing to unseat U.S. President Donald Trump. For the record there are 24 in that race.

How many are jostling for the Prime Minister Theresa May’s job? At last count, it’s seven officially as we type, but with “possible’ still being mentioned it might feel as if it is 24.

Several of SBR’s top-rated sportsbooks are offering odds on the candidates who’ve declared they want the post.

May announced this past week that she’s stepping down from the prime minister and leader of the Conservative Party on June 7.

The country has been in turmoil due to Britain’s impending withdrawal from the European Union. May’s inability to successfully negotiate that exit was the fatal blow to her tenure as prime minister.

For those unfamiliar, the PM is appointed by the monarch which is guided by constitutional conventions. The political party that wins/or holds the most seats in the House of Commons has control of the government. The leader of the victorious party becomes prime minister.

In this case, with May stepping down, conservatives will vote to whittle the number of candidates to two. The vote to pick the PM will see the party’s grassroots members, who pay £25 (about $32 US) to join the Conservative Party will pick between the two final candidates. Because the Conservatives are already in power, there is no need for a general election.

The Leading Candidates

Boris Johnson: The favored candidate as we type is the former foreign secretary and mayor of London, who is a devisive politico. Johnson has been highly critical of May’s plan to leave the European Union which maintained ties to Europe, whereas Johnson wants a clean break and has a lot of support among those who voted for Brexit.

Dominic Raab: Raab has been in Parliament since 2010 and was May’s pick as Brexit secretary with a strong anti-EU sentiment. He resigned the post in November after fiercely opposing the withdrawal plan May was recommending.

Andrea Leadsom: Leadsom is making her second run at Prime Minister, competing against May for the post in 2016, dropping out of the contest after making controversial comments on how motherhood made her a better candidate than May, who has no children.. She, too, is a Brexit supporter and spent many a day in Parliament defending the plans May put forth.

Michael Gove: Some published reports say that Gove, the environment secretary also formerly serving as education and justice secretaries, is a good bet to win the PM job. He has been a strong supporter of May and her strategies to leave the EU. He opposes a second vote on Brexit.

Jeremy Hunt: The foreign secretary actually voted against Brexit but has since has said he’s had a “change of heart,’ according to the Washington Post, due to the E.U.’s “arrogance’ during negotiations. He recently withdrew support of May’s last ditch effort.

Here are the odds available:

Next Prime Minister – Ladbrokes

Boris Johnson 6/4

Dominic Raab 4/1

Michael Gove 5/1

Andrea Leadsom 12/1

Jeremy Hunt 12/1

Next Prime Minister – Coral

Boris Johnson 4/5

Dominic Raab 6/1

Michael Gove 10/1

Andrea Leadsom 12/1

Jeremy Hunt 14/1

Graham Brady 20/1

Penny Mordaunt 20/1

Rory Stewart 22/1

Sajid Javid 25/1

James Cleverly 50/1

Jeremy Corbyn 50/1

Matthew Hancock 50/1

Steve Baker 50/1

Esther McVey 66/1

Jacob Rees-Mogg 66/1

Priti Patel 66/1

Amber Rudd 100/1

Liz Truss 100/1