Profit Making Tips For NBA Daily Fantasy Wednesday

Joe Catalano

Wednesday, January 9, 2013 7:29 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jan. 9, 2013 7:29 PM UTC

The daily fantasy league phenomenon has taken over in 2013, and the best site to take advantage is Whether you're a casual or serious player, there's money to be made while watching your favorite sports teams. Because daily fantasy is a game of skill, it’s all completely legal.

NBA basketball has taken center stage in daily fantasy, as it's the only sport that plays on a nightly basis. The opportunity is there. Are you ready to take advantage of it?

There's a full slate of NBA games on tap for Wednesday night and what better way to compete for large cash prizes than the $5K NBA Clash and the NBA 5K High Roller!

DraftKings offers you two separate tournaments with the same huge prize pool. The choice is yours, and the prizes are guaranteed.

For a $109 dollar entry fee, participants compete in a select group of just 50 entries for the $1,000.00 top prize and the top 7 places get paid. Multiple entries are welcome and enhance your chance of cashing.

With a $27 dollar entry fee, contestants compete for an equal prize of $1000.00 for 1st place. In this contest, due to a lesser entry fee, there are a maximum of 210 entries. The top 40 entries in this contest all receive cash prizes. Multiple entries are also allowed in this contest.

Get your entries in while tournament spots are still available!

How to win?

The entries with the highest scores at the end of the night will be declared the winners. DraftKings has a live scoring system (Which they call their Gamecenter) that provides contestants with up to date scores and lets them know how many minutes are remaining in their player’s games.  It also allows for side-by-side viewing of any other contestant’s roster.

The DraftKings edge

By being able to monitor your and your opponent's PMR's ( player minutes remaining), a contestant knows where their position is in the tournament at all times. This avoids the element of surprise while letting contestants know where they actually stand in the tournament. Points don't always tell the story. Games are played throughout the night and the combination of the PMR and the momentary score are the actual measuring sticks if a player is a contender or pretender.

The Player Lock

This is key and one of the features that separates DraftKings from any other daily fantasy site. When a contestant creates a roster, they're able to change their rosters right up until game time for each player drafted. Once the game starts for the particular player chosen, you're locked into that player, unable to replace him.

This is a very special feature which gives the contestant the edge. Mostly every site locks the entire lineup once the first game of the night starts. If an injury or late player scratch occurs, the contestant is left with a 0 for that drafted player.

Example: Tim Duncan has the flu and can't play in a 10:30 pm ET. game. If you were to choose Duncan prior to the start of the first game of the day, you would receive a 0 for Duncan. This would be a crushing blow to any lineup.

With DraftKings, you're able to replace Tim Duncan up until the start of the Spurs actual game. This has been a common complaint of fantasy league players and DraftKings proves that they're "player friendly" by being able to salvage your lineup with a replacement player.

How to create a winning lineup?

1. Always check the injury report. This can be simply done by visiting This is a fantasy league site that updates the contestants on up to date injuries of players who are listed as "out" or "probable". If a player is a game time decision, stay away; this could ruin your lineup whether it's Lebron James or Kyle Korver.

You can also be updated on injuries with Twitter.

2. Bargain hunting

The DraftKings consensus, which tells a contestant the percentage of people who drafted a particular player for that particular night, is usually a good indication of if you've found a draft "gem". If 80% of the contestants have the same player, it's basically a wash, and there's no real edge. However, if you incorporate a cheap player into your lineup that most contestants don't have and he plays well, this could be the difference between cashing or donating.

3. Looking for a multi-dimensional player

The best option is to find a player that can do many things well. You'll score a lot more points with a player that can accrue points, assists, blocks, steals, double-doubles, and triple-doubles instead of a player that is solely known for his ability to score.

Blocks, steals, assists, and rebounds are all worth more than actual points scored by a player. While triple doubles are a rarity, double-doubles and 3 point shots aren't. Focus on the player that specializes in different parts of the game instead of a pure scorer.

Let’s take a recent example:

Kevin Martin scores 24 points (no 3 pointers), 2, assists, and 1 rebound and

Steve Nash scores 10 points, 10 assists, 3 steals, and 1 rebound.

So who has the higher score?

Steve Nash's score comes out to 34 and Kevin Martin's score is 29.25. In actuality, the player that is able to do various things other than scoring will have a better score.  Getting acclimated to the scoring is key.

4. DraftKings stats are your best friend

By clicking on a player, you can see a player's DraftKings point average for their last 10 games. These stats are key because they show you who's hot and who's not.  The Player Cards are the best in the industry, and also display the opposing team’s defensive stats along with the specific player’s success against the opposing team. It's just a simple click—no thorough searches on a search engine. DraftKings is detail oriented and easy to navigate.

The rest is up to you.  Always do the research. Along with a bit of luck, this is what separates the winners from the less successful. NBA contests are available on a daily basis. If you miss one, there will always be another one available the next day. Good luck everyone!

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