Presidential Betting Odds: Florida Fallout Update & Predicted Favorites

Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, March 16, 2016 9:49 PM UTC

Wednesday, Mar. 16, 2016 9:49 PM UTC

In the aftermath of Senator Marc Rubio’s defeat in his home state, it is now a three horse race with the big orange pony leading the pack. Let’s review the current presidential betting odds.

Sunshine State Casts Light on Republican Candidates
Nicknames stick and if you happen to be an outlaw biker then you would no doubt be comfortable with the monikers Ace, Knuckles, Knockout or Snake. However, when you are a sitting United States Senator a name like “Little Marco” does not bode well for your future employment as an elected official. But that is indeed the disparaging sobriquet Donald Trump foisted upon Rubio, and as sophomoric as it is, it stuck. Rubio’s own Florida family turned their collective backs on the senator and cast their lot with Trump. It stung to be sure and proved to be the ruination of his presidential aspirations. Marco is out and we see no reason to believe there will be any conciliatory remarks or ringing endorsements forthcoming towards The Donald from the junior senator.

As of this writing the Republican nominee odds have not changed even with the departure of Senator Rubio. Trump is the heavy chalk at -400 while Ted Cruz and John Kasich are both returning payoffs of +600. The endgame for the establishment candidates Cruz and Kasich is a brokered convention and Rubio is in on the game. The Florida senator dropped out of the race, as opposed to suspending his campaign, which means he cannot reenter but the delegates he garnered are now free to cast their vote for the candidate of their choice. Factor that in with Kasich’s triumph in his home state of Ohio which deprived Trump of its 66 delegates, as it is a winner take all state, and getting to the magic number of 1,237 is that much more difficult for the Orange One. Nevertheless, the Trump train continued to roll as he won delegate rich Florida as well as Illinois, Missouri and North Carolina.

Stay tuned, as the wildest presidential race in American history continues on a television screen near you.


Bernie Beatdown
On Tuesday the former Secretary State of State Hillary Clinton delivered her worst beating of a grown man since being apprised of Monica’s blue dress back in the late 90’s. Yes, Bernie Sanders lost every state, except the state of denial, and it has now become apparent that this will be more a coronation than a political competition. While Sanders’ message resonates with the under-30 crowd, it is Hillary’s name recognition and preference among African American voters that is winning her the day.

The “Feel the Bern” slogan Sanders’ camp has employed since the inception of his campaign now more closely describes the acid reflux he, his staffers, and his supporters are feeling after Clinton’s recent advances. Yet the grumpy Gus from Vermont is resonating as likeable, with the only thing being higher than his favorability ratings are his supporters. But likeable and presidential are as different as dank and schwag (kids for Bernie will pick up what I’m puttin’ down, yo) thus it appears as icy, calculating and off-putting as Hillary is, she definitely has more people pulling the lever for her than her bohemian rival.

As of this writing Clinton is a prohibitive favorite at -2500 with a get-back on Sanders of +1000 at Bovada. With an eye towards the general election Hillary gets top billing even over The Donald. The presidential betting odds and some of the top betting picks are as follows:

Hillary Clinton -190

Donald Trump +200

Bernie Sanders +1000

Ted Cruz +1200

John “Son of a Mailman” Kasich +2000

If you are surprised by the sweeping victories of Donald Trump then prepare to be amazed when he faces Hillary in the general elections and takes off the gloves. If and when that happens tune your DVR to record SNL FWIW because OMG we’ll be LOL’ing until November. After that, maybe not so much…

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