Premier League Rundown Odds To Win Outright Ahead of Week 13

Nikki Adams

Tuesday, November 17, 2015 7:23 PM UTC

Tuesday, Nov. 17, 2015 7:23 PM UTC

Domestic soccer action across Europe is in the midst of an international break. Perfect time to check in on how Premier League futures are taking shape from odds to win outright to relegation markets.

Pre-season Futures To Win Outright
Ahead of the start of the Premier League season we weighed in on odds to win outright as well as relegation odds. For your convenience, Table 1 (below) is a duplicate of the table provided in the aforementioned article, highlighting the various pre-season futures odds across three leading sportsbooks. We review those alongside current market offerings ahead of match day 13 in a week’s time and spot where the biggest movers and shakers are found, the purpose of which is to determine whether the season is going to plan or not.

EPL 2015-2016 Futures To Win Outright

Ahead of Week 13
Approximately a third of the season is in the books and there’s been no shortage of surprises on both sides of the Premier League table – from Leicester City hobnobbing with the league-leaders at the top of the table to defending champions Chelsea languishing in relegation territory and more. It’s safe to assume, few would have made those two predictions at the start of the season.

Manchester City and Arsenal are tied on 26 points atop the table, but the former leads on goal differential. The pair leads futures betting markets to win outright and/or finish in the Top 4.

Leicester City, one of the longshots to win the league and similarly a top five favorite for relegation, is ranked third in the table and –get this – just a point behind the leading tandem. There’s a headscratcher if ever there was one. They remain longshots to win the league title at +25000 (See Table 2 below), which gives soccer bettors an indication of just how improbable the notion is amongst bookies. However, their chances of riding the remaining two thirds of the schedule to finish in a Top 4 spot is being considered at reasonable +1200 soccer odds.

Few are surprised about Manchester United and Tottenham’s positions in the table, fourth and fifth respectively. That West Ham United is in sixth place and in the hunt for a European spot next season at the expense of preferred clubs such as Liverpool, Southampton and Everton for instance is a touch surprising. Importantly, there’s a sense across sports betting platforms that it’s only a matter of time before the Hammers trend negatively. You can see this in the odds to finish in the Top 4 where the aforementioned triplet continue to have the upside. Liverpool are matched at +225, Southampton at +600 and Everton at +1100 while West Ham lag behind at +2000.

Watford’s mid-table position is another development least expected. Heck, they were the top favorites to be relegated in preseason markets trading as high as -166 at Paddy Power. Finally, the strangest sight must be Chelsea squatting in 16th place with a 3-2-7 mark on the season and 9 points. Already, they’ve lost more than double the games they lost in their title winning run last year when they finished with a 26-9-3 mark. It beggars belief.

The following table is sorted in accordance to the current Premier League rankings with Manchester City and Arsenal at the top and AFC Bournemouth, Sunderland and Aston Villa propping up the table.

EPL 2015-2016 Futures To Win Outright In Accordance to Current League Ranking

This season in England’s top flight is nothing short of surprising. It remains to be seen how far down the season the current status quo goes. Arguably, some of the boldest bets right now involve Leicester City and Chelsea to either experience a reversal of fortunes or completely stun Premier League betting fans and defying the soccer odds.

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