Political Betting: Will Hillary Free the Springfield Two, During The DNC?

Jason Lake

Tuesday, July 26, 2016 2:47 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jul. 26, 2016 2:47 PM UTC

The Democratic National Convention is in full effect. Of course you can bet on it; political odds are available on the big speech Hillary Clinton will give this Thursday.

Are you ready for President Trump? According to FiveThirtyEight's projections at press time, Donald Trump and the Republican Party have a 47-percent chance of winning the 2016 national election. But Hillary Clinton and the Democratic Party have just kicked off their convention in Philadelphia, and if they do their job right – which is to entertain – the Dems will bounce back. In theory.

Of course, where there is entertainment, there is betting, and you can bet on what will happen when Clinton takes the podium this Thursday. Online Sportsbook BetOnline has a healthy list of political odds to choose from; if you're a fan of Super Bowl props, you'll love some of the crazy stuff they've got up on the board these days.

Clearly shows cleavage +800
Does not show cleavage –1500

Like I said, crazy. Although there was that prop back in '48 about whether Strom Thurmond would show any visible panty lines. A quick Google image search reveals zero recent pictures of Clinton wearing anything un-presidential. I'll leave it to the Russians to dig up something on the dark web.

Free Politics Pick: Does not show cleavage (–1500)


Major League Sports
Says: Eagles, 76ers, Phillies or Flyers +800
Does not mention local sports teams –1500

In pro-wrestling, you always go for the “cheap pop” by bringing up the local teams. Clinton could take a more serious tone in her speech, stressing the health of the economy and the importance of not allowing emotion to overtake reason... nah, she's going for the cheap pop.

Free Politics Pick: Says: Eagles, 76ers, Phillies or Flyers (+800)


Supreme Court
Uses exact phrase –1500
Does not use exact phrase +800

That doesn't mean Clinton won't take every opportunity to attack Trump. Whomever wins the election will get to nominate the judge who will replace the late Antonin Scalia on the Supreme Court. There are four “liberal” and four “conservative” judges on the bench right now. Clinton will no doubt take a moment to remind you of that.

Free Politics Pick: Uses exact phrase (–1500)


Trump University 
Uses exact phrase +130
Does not use exact phrase –160

But will she talk about the lawsuit that accuses Trump of defrauding his “students”? As a lawyer, this should be easy pickings for Clinton. I wouldn't be surprised if they try to turn the tables on Trump with a “Lock him up” chant. However, the cynic in me says this is one of the tougher political picks on this list.

Free Politics Pick: Uses exact phrase (+130)

OVER 52.5 minutes –115
UNDER 52.5 minutes –115

The “Bleeding Gums Murphy” rule from the National Anthem prop at the Super Bowl might apply here; however, after Trump's speech went overlong, Clinton would be wise to keep it tight on Thursday. Limiting her exposure is best for business; as they say on Twitter, do not feed the trolls.

Free Politics Pick: UNDER 52.5 minutes (–115)


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