Mayweather vs. Pacquiao Betting Predictions: Eight Reasons Pacquiao Wins the Title

Swinging Johnson

Tuesday, March 3, 2015 7:09 PM UTC

Tuesday, Mar. 3, 2015 7:09 PM UTC

The highly anticipated and long overdue super-fight between Manny Pacquiao and Floyd Mayweather is looming and below we discuss why Pacquiao is the right choice to include in your boxing picks when history is made on May 2nd in Sin City.

The Prelude
At one point in time the buzz surrounding a Pacquiao vs. Mayweather mega-fight was deafening. Both fighters were in the prime of their careers and the matchup took on almost comic book proportions. It was Batman versus Superman and each side had a litany of reasons why their fighter would prevail. However there was a battery of obstacles to be hurdled to get these two legendary fighters in the ring but ultimately it boiled down to Mayweather’s insufferable demands that derailed the hotly anticipated showdown for the ages.

Fast forward to 2015 and both fighters are firmly ensconced in the twilight of their respective careers with Pacquiao’s image tainted with consecutive losses in 2012 to Timothy Bradley by split decision and a stunning knockout at the hands of the supremely talented Juan Manuel Marquez. But Pacquiao was far from finished and reeled off three consecutive victories including a rematch with Bradley that resulted in him reclaiming his WBO Welterweight title.

Floyd Mayweather Jr.’s boxing record remains pristine. At the age of 38 Money has 47 wins in the bank and looking for this defining moment to cement his legacy as the greatest boxer whoever laced up the gloves. He has never been beaten and a victory on May 2nd will quiet all those who believed he did more bobbing and weaving to get out of a fight with Pacquiao than he ever did in the squared circle. When morning comes on May 3rd of this year he will wish he waited even longer and here’s why.

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Why Pacquiao Wins
Floyd Mayweather’s management team may have a thoroughbred in their stable with Money winning each and every race from gate to wire, however; they have craftily handpicked his opponents who are tailor-made for their counterpunching superstar. The vast majority of Mayweather’s opponents have been power punchers who relied on an opening that the fleet-footed phantom known as Pretty Boy Floyd would never reveal. Pacquiao is a different kettle of fish entirely. Manny brings much of the same repertoire to the table as his opponent and this will be an entirely new riddle for Mayweather to solve.

The Mayweather camp deftly avoided clashes with two of the most feared fighters in the division, namely Manny Pacquiao and Antonio Margarito. Both fighters match up as well as any fighters in the world and Mayweather got on his horse and rode in the other direction. That particular destination would often take him to the bones of opponents defeated by one or both fighters. Miguel Cotto is a prime example and one that Mayweather disposed of via unanimous decision back in 2012.

Pacquiao’s caliber of competition has been higher than Mayweather’s throughout the years. All one has to do is look at the opponents Pacquiao fought who then fought opponents of Floyd Mayweather’s. You will note that Pacquiao’s opponents fared far better than the lower level talent faced by Money. Here are only a few examples: Erik Morales decisioned Jesus Chavez, Joshua Clottey scored a UD over Diego Corrales and David Diaz decisioned Emanuel Augustus to name only a few examples.

Money Mayweather has become just that - a money machine. Thus his celebrity status and his unyielding thirst to be planted firmly in the spotlight has taken the focus off his prodigious boxing skills and put the limelight squarely on his activities outside the ring. Mayweather will find that Pacquiao, though wildly feted and adored in his native Philippines, will not have the same distractions when he comes to the United States and begins training. As a side note, Pacquiao has reportedly already arrived in the U.S. far ahead of schedule and has begun training in California.

Though fans of Mayweather’s will undoubtedly point to the fact that Juan Marquez defeated Pacquiao as a -400 favorite in the boxing betting odds (after the fourth attempt mind you), yet their hero decisioned him back in ’09, I would state unequivocally that the beatings delivered by Pacquiao over mutual opponents Miguel Cotto, Oscar De La Hoya, Ricky Hatton and Shane Mosley were far and away more dominant than the defeats these men suffered to Mayweather.

Floyd Mayweather is currently installed as a -225 favorite in boxing betting odds over Manny Pacquiao but that number may slide when the sharps understand that the Pac-Man’s ring mobility and awkward, almost random movement will confound a pure boxer who relies on targeting an opponent based on where they will be in a split second as opposed to where they are at the exact moment the punch is leveled. Mayweather had problems with a similar fighter in Marcos Maidana but Pacquiao is a few notches above him and could render Money’s counterpunches virtually ineffective. If that is indeed the case expect Mayweather to go on the offense and try to outslug the explosive Pacquiao. Should that occur, you can be assured that Money will be all spent before the night is through (pun absolutely intended).

We have the tactician of the ring that is Manny Pacquiao. Mayweather routinely devours his more thuggish opponents who try to get lucky with a well-timed right hook or a ferocious uppercut. Mayweather is too smart to let that happen but should Pacquiao’s high octane, frenetic pace keep the champ from sniping from afar then this one will be fought not only in the ring but on the ropes where Pacquiao can clinch and get physical. There will be no quarter for Mayweather to hide and no room for his dazzling fusillade of punches to unleash.

Ultimately what will happen is Pac-Man will continue to punish the loquacious and grandiose champion who will soon find that all his talk won’t be worth a damn once Pacquiao goes on the hunt. Mayweather will get tagged early and often in this legendary encounter and once that happens you will see the king finally fall from grace. Don’t ride the hype train my friends.

Free Boxing Pick: When it comes to putting your hard earned money on this clash of these titans make sure the betting odds are in your favor and include Manny Pacquiao in your boxing picks.

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