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Kimye Goes Kaput, Yay! And Four Other 2019 Pop Culture Predictions

Kimye Goes Kaput, Yay! And Four Other 2019 Pop Culture Predictions

In the nine months (!) we’ve been on the job at SBR we’ve written and made calls on a variety of bets related to or at least on the periphery of entertainment. That includes the National Spelling Bee, which actor will next wear Superman’s cape, what character from “Modern Family’ was going to croak, the fate of El Chapo on trial in New York City, if a new Titanic will survive its first voyage, every major awards show, well, except the Adult Video News Awards, and competitive eating contests — not to be confused with the AVNs.

So, with 2018 almost fully in the rear-view mirror, it’s time to make some predictions about what is going to happen in 2019. We don’t have reams of data and stats to lean on like our colleagues on the sports side; we have to depend on tabloids the E! network, yegads.

So, here goes:

Jennifer Lopez And Alex Rodriguez Will Get Engaged

Yeah, we’re starting off easy; this seems to be a no brainer. The beautiful people always find each other. The couple has been dating for about two years, they travel in packs with their kids to exotic places, and they wax poetic about each other to the point that it triggers our gag reflex. “She really is one of the most impressive and smartest human beings I have ever met,’ A-Rod says about J-Lo. “It’s like we’re ‘twin souls,’ ” the thrice-married Lopez told Willie Geist on “Sunday Today.’ It’s possible by the time you read this we’ll find out there was a diamond ring under the Christmas tree. If so, change the word “engaged’ to “married’ in the headline.

A Death Gives Prince Charles The Throne

Let’s be clear, we’re not rooting for anyone to die, we’re just saying everyone dies, it just could be this year. Prince Charles, 70, has been heir to the throne for 65 years. That’s the longest anyone has been in-waiting to wear the crown. His mother, Queen Elizabeth, is 92 years old; his father, Prince Philip, is 97. The Queen can abdicate whenever she pleases, and others before her have. Her father, for example, wore the crown after Edward abdicated to marry Wallace Simpson. Charles becomes king if his mother dies. Sniff. However, in semi-longshot scenario, it is possible Prince Philip, who was ill frequently in 2018, will die and, despite the Queen saying she’ll rule until her death, Elizabeth will abdicate, giving Prince Charles the chance to rule.

The Divorce Heard Around Twitter

We think 2019 is the year Kanye West pushes Kim Kardashian’s last button and she dumps him. Of course, almost as soon as these two got together tabloids were writing about their impending split. Six years (two dating, four married) and three kids later, no papers have been filed, but she’s frequently cleaning up his messes. Between the rapper saying “slavery is a choice’ on TMZ, his escalating Twitter feud with Drake, his declaring he is moving to Chicago, and his frequent rants … must we go on? Right now, she is still standing by her man, but reports say Kardashian fears his many feuds puts the kids in harm’s say. When Mama Kim fully emerges, Kanye is gone.

Facebook Leadership Will Resign

Another day, another outrage regarding Facebook. Whether it’s how it handles user data or its inability to address its role in allowing hate groups and Russian bots to spread misinformation and fan flames of racism and religious bigotry, users are looking for the exits. The latest incident of it allowing access to user info and messages to Spotify and Netflix, which may not be as widespread as first thought, still reveals the social network hasn’t learned from past mistakes and will always put money before its users. More than 30 civil rights leaders have written a letter seeking tangible change and users are leaving for Instagram or other platforms. No one is interested in another deer-in-the-headlights Mark Zuckerberg appearance before Congress, which may push for regulation in 2019. If that happens, Facebook’s leadership will buckle under the pressure and resign. Maybe new blood will bring about real change to the social network.

Bran Stark Will Rule On ‘Game Of Thones’

When the popular HBO series comes to an end this summer, Bran Stark will call Westeros his kingdom. There, we said it. Whew!. Ned Stark’s son is manipulative, has visions of the future, time travels and will use his metaphysical powers to ascend to power. You can still place bets on who you think will win the bloody game of musical chairs and sit on the throne at , MyBookie and which are all offering odds. Are there other possibilities, sure, Daenerys and Jon Snow or possibly Tyrion Lannister, but our money is on Bran.