Justin Bieber Would Wreck Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber Would Wreck Tom Cruise

Justin Bieber vs Tom Cruise

Free UFC Pick: Justin Beiber

Best Line Offered: BetOnline -200

Sadly yes this is actually a thing that is going on right now. But hey! If Tom Cruise and Justin Bieber are going to fight at least we can bet on it!!!

BetOnline has opened The Biebs as a solid -200 favorite and honestly I think there is plenty of value to be had at this price. Justin Bieber has been a lifelong UFC fan and he was seen regularly at fights hanging out with UFC president Dana White and rubbing elbows with some of the best fighters in the world. His money and connections at such a young age opened him up to opportunities that you and I can only ever dream of. He was such a fan that he started training at a young age as well and surprisingly… he wasn’t bad.

Justin Bieber is on the right side of 30 where as Tom Cruise is on the wrong side of 40. Justin has been training and watching mix martial arts since he was a young child which will obviously give him an edge if this fight were to ever happen. Tom isn’t by any means out of shape, however. Don’t forget the man does his own VERY impressive stunts and that the kind of thing that takes some serious conditioning and athleticism.

As much as I would say that Tom will KO Justin Bieber stiff I can’t. Tom Cruise is athletic and in great shape, but he’s still pushing 60 years old. I have a rule that I have to have a very special set of circumstances in order to bet a fighter after the age of 40. Betting on a non-fighter actor who is 56 years old with no known training in the martial arts just doesn’t seem like the best play I’ve ever made. Bieber is still at the stage of his life where piss and vinegar run in his veins and if somebody were to get clipped and hurt and be forced to dig deep Justin is likely the one who would pull that off… I cannot see an elderly Tom getting hurt by a punch and then finding it within himself to come back and get the job done.

Given that Justin has known boxing training and Brazilian jiu jitsu training as well as being the younger fighter here he should be a much larger favorite. Tom Cruise might have Hollywood’s doctors to keep him looking young, but Father Time is undefeated and there is no way he would be alive here unless he has a black belt hid somewhere that we don’t know about. Bieber should be a -400 favorite and if the fight were to happen I would be looking to hit Bieber at -200.