'Jeopardy James' Will Be Back In November's Champions Tournament

James Holzhauer, the professional sports gambler from Las Vegas who took “Jeopardy’ watchers on a wild 32-game winning streak this year, will return to the popular game show next season in its Tournament of Champions.

The fourth-most successful contestant on “Jeopardy,’ who took home a little more than $2.4 million, will face 15 past champions, including those who won the college and teachers’ tournament.

Also among the contestants vying in the tournament will be Chicago librarian Emma Boettcher who took Holzhauer down. She won three games before losing, taking home $97,002.

Some fans on Twitter are questioning why Boettcher is competing since her run was so short. And others still want Holzhauer to face super champ Ken Jennings, who had the longest “Jeopardy’ run of 74 wins earning $2,520,700 (the highest ever).

“Emma did not earn it. She only won 3 games,” one Twitter user said. “Totally unfair to other, more deserving champions.”

“Ok, maybe we were not loud enough… We wanted Ken to compete against James NOT Emma,” another Twitter user said.

Those hoping to see Holzhauer play Jennings will have to hold their collective breath. He’s actually psyched to get “revenge.’

“Am I eager for revenge? You Boettcher a** I am,” Holzhauer tweeted.

Odds offered at BetOnline and Bovada see Holzhauer as the front runner in the champions tournament. DUH. The 10-day contest, airing Nov. 4-15, has a $250,000 payout.

Holzhauer’s his fellow competitors beyond Boettcher will be:

  • Josh Hill (North Little Rock, Ark.), whose 7-game winnings totaled $163,721

  • Ryan Fenster (Seatac, Wash.), whose 7-game winnings totaled $156,497

  • Kyle Jones (Aurora, Colo.), whose 7-game winnings totaled $145,403

  • Rob Worman (Edina, Minn.), whose 6-game winnings totaled $133,900

  • Alan Dunn (Johns Creek, Ga.), whose 5-game winnings totaled $120,802

  • Steven Grade (Atlanta, Ga.), whose 5-game winnings totaled $115,501

  • Eric R. Backes (Round Rock, Texas), whose 4-game winnings totaled $105,602

  • Anneke Garcia (Salt Lake City, Utah), whose 4-game winnings totaled $104,497

  • Lindsey Shultz (Pittsburgh, Penn.), whose 4-game winnings totaled $101,002

  • Gilbert Collins (Princeton, N.J.), whose 5-game winnings totaled $84,201

  • Rachel Lindgren (Bend, Ore.), whose 5-game winnings totaled $75,999

  • Dhruv Gaur (Gainesville, Ga.), the Season 34 College Champion

  • Francis Barcomb (New Paltz, N.Y.), the Season 35 Teachers Champion

Beyond the winning streak where he took home more than $2.5 million, Holzhauer is best known for his large payouts, his “all-in’ hand motion on Daily Doubles and near total command of the “Jeopardy’ board.

He wasn’t without his critics who claimed he “changed ‘Jeopardy’ forever, whatever that means. Time will tell in the new season when viewers can see if contestants adopt his style of skipping from category to category building money before hitting a Daily Double and usually doubling his take.

If future contestants were smart, and, well, you have to be smart to get on this program, they’d hone their buzzer technique and trivia knowledge. Afterall, once you buzz in you have to have the answer right and that is where Hozhauer exceeded. He wasn’t perfect but in 33 games but he only got 36 questions wrong.

Here are the odds offered:

On BetOnline:

James Holzhauer Jeopardy Tournament of Champions Winner?

  • Yes -500

  • No +300

On Bovada:

Will James Holzauer Win The Upcoming Jeopardy Tournament Of Champions?

  • Yes -135

  • No -105