Jamel Herring vs. Carl Frampton: Free Boxing Analysis and Pick

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Jamel Herring vs. Carl Frampton: Free Boxing Analysis and Pick
Jamel Herring smiles after winning his bout against Amidu in 2015. Photo by Dylan Buell/Getty Images/AFP

There is nothing better than a big fight, brother. The feel of two gladiators squaring off in the ring with a title on the line is pure electricity. This Saturday out in Dubai, Herring and Frampton will battle for the WBO Junior Lightweight Championship of the world in a career vs. championship bout.

Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring vs. Carl “The Jackal” Frampton

Saturday, April 3rd, 2021 – 04:00 PM EDT at Caesars Palace Dubai

I love a good boxing match. When there’s a big fight on the calendar, it’s like the Kentucky Derby or the Super Bowl for me. You wake up excited. You plan your whole day around it. You get together with friends and watch in a group. It’s a great thing and we get it too few times a year. This fight is kind of one of those moments.

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This is a World Championship Boxing Match With a WWE Type Stipulation Attached

Obviously, we see lots of championship boxing matches during the year. It is not even that uncommon for two champions to meet and put both belts on the line. What is less common, is what we have here. Jamel “Semper Fi” Herring is putting his WBO championship on the line. Carl Frampton has been very vocal in saying that if he loses this fight, he will retire from the sport of boxing. Frampton has also said that if he is victorious, he wants to continue fighting to unify the belts in this division. It is a bold proclamation since he is going against a champion who hasn’t lost a fight since 2017.

Jamel Herring comes into this fight as the champion and looks to exit it the same way. Despite being a year older, Herring has actually fought fewer professional bouts than has the thirty-four-year-old Frampton. Frampton has also been a champion at two other weight classes, whereas this is Herring’s first professional championship.

What Will This Fight Look Like?

The old adage in boxing is “Styles make fights”, and it’s damn true. Stylistically, this is going to be a very weird one, and you might not believe your eyes as it is happening. Jamel Herring is 5’10” tall, Carl Frampton is 5’5”. When you read that and see it on the screen on Saturday, you will expect to see Herring out jab Frampton and keep him outside. That’s not going to happen. Carl Frampton is going to outjab Jamel Herring, and he will get inside. Frampton can do that because of how damn fast he is with his footwork and his jab.

Herring is going to try and land power shots from the outside, but Frampton’s quickness will be a problem there. When Herring tries to land those big bombs, he will leave himself open to Frampton’s jabs. I can’t remember seeing a fighter at such a height disadvantage land more punches than his opponent, but I fully expect it to happen in Dubai on Saturday.

Carl Frampton
Carl Frampton during his WBA featherweight title fight against Leo Santa Cruz in 2017. Photo by Steve Marcus/Getty Images/AFP

Betting Analysis

I can’t wait to watch this fight on Saturday night. It’s such a weird set of styles coming in that I think we are going to have a really entertaining fight. Something else to consider is that Frampton got to Dubai two weeks ahead of this fight, while Herring has arrived with just about a week to go. Dubai is a ten-hour time difference from where Herring was training in Colorado, and there is certainly an adjustment to the weather. I like that Frampton has been there and has had time to adjust.

I also like the fact that Frampton is the more aggressive fighter and will likely look better to the judges because he will always be coming forward. I think that will make it seem as if Herring is holding or backing up quite a bit. Also, the fact that Frampton is essentially putting his career on the line is of interest to me. The man is supremely confident, and I think he has a reason to think that way. He will land more shots and keep Herring uncomfortable all night long. For my boxing picks, I’ll go with the challenger in this bout.

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Carl Frampton(-120)
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