Is Ryan Lochte Screwed? You Be The Judge - Post Summer Olympics Props

Jason Lake

Tuesday, August 23, 2016 3:14 PM UTC

Tuesday, Aug. 23, 2016 3:14 PM UTC

The 2016 Summer Olympics may be over, but the Olympic odds are still open on U.S. swimmer Ryan Lochte and what will happen to him after his indiscretions in Rio.

This probably won't make it into the official Olympic film for the 2016 Summer Games. American swimmer Ryan Lochte had 11 medals (five gold, three silver, three bronze) heading into Rio de Janeiro; he only managed to add one to that total, winning the gold as part of the U.S. 4x200-meter freestyle relay team. Then he and three teammates got into a little bit of trouble with the po-po. Whoops.

Lochte may have cost us some money when he finished fifth in the 200m individual medley, but now we have a chance to make some of that back at his expense. The oddsmakers at Bovada has posted some extra Olympic odds regarding what might happen to Lochte going forward. He's already lost all four of his sponsors: Speedo, Ralph Lauren, Gentle Hair Removal and Airweave. Things could get even worse from here, and not just in the hair-removal department.

Blame It on Rio 2: The Whizzening
In theory, the IOC could choose to punish Lochte by taking away his gold medal. Bovada has the following prop up on the board: Will Ryan Lochte be stripped of an Olympic medal? The favorite is NO at –325, with YES trailing at +225. It appears that Lochte has done enough damage control to keep his medal, but the wording of the prop opens up the possibility that Lochte will be stripped of any of his 12 medals, possibly for a failed drug test or what have you. That could happen years from now.

Or how about this one: Will Ryan Lochte be extradited back to Brazil? Even more unlikely, according to the odds. NO is a heavy favorite at –1200. YES will pay out at +600 if it happens, but again, Lochte has been very contrite in the press since the incident in question. If you're thinking about adding either of these props to your ex postfacto Olympic picks, consider taking NO on the extradition. But there's one more prop we like much better here at the home office.

You May Be a Swimmer, but You Ain't No Dancer
Lochte may escape the Rio Games with a slap on the wrist, but with all his sponsors bailing on him, his other “career” as a reality TV “star” is in great peril. Bovada wants to know: Will Ryan Lochte appear on The Bachelor or Dancing with the Stars before 2017? Betting NO will cost you –350, while YES is available at +225.

Our answer is a hearty NO. Lochte has expressed a desire to swim at the 2020 Summer Games in Tokyo, and there's every chance he tries to drag his profile out of the mud with some television appearances – he did say back in 2012 that he was considering Dancing with the Stars. But it didn't happen then, and we can't see it happening so soon after what went down in Rio. Check back with us in four months for the results.

Free Olympics Pick: NO (–350)
Best Line Offered: at Bovada

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