Is Drake Curse About To Take Down Game Of Thrones Hero?

As if “Game of Thrones’ fans didn’t have enough to worry about, now Drake has uttered the name “Arya Stark’ in an acceptance speech possibly dooming her.

On Wednesday, the rapper won the Top Billboard 200 Album Award for “Scorpion’ and during his acceptance speech thanking friends, family and colleagues he added to the list Arya Stark.

“And hey, shout out to Arya Stark for putting in that work last week,’ Drake said.

He gave the “Game of Thrones’ character props for her excellent knife work in the highly-anticipated “Battle of Winterfell’ episode, where she — and not Jon Snow — stabbed the Night King sending him, his minions and Viserion, into a pile of ice chips.

Now fans of the show fear he’s doomed Arya to be the next to die on the HBO series that only has three episodes left in its run. Twitter has been flooded with fan outcries cursing the singer instead.

For those not in the know, in the sports world if the popular singer wears a team’s gear or basically shows support for a team or sports figure in any way, they’re likely headed for the crapper.

The curse appears to have started in 2013 when the rapper was a regular at Toronto Raptors home games where he serves as a “global ambassador.’ Have the Raptors been in an NBA final? Exactly.

He also has been blamed for the reason the Golden State Warriors lost to the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2016; why the Kentucky Wildcats haven’t won a Final 4 since 2012 and Connor McGregor’s inability to beat Khabib Nurmagomedov.

Drake also sang about QB Johnny Manziel and we all know how that went. In 2015, Drake literally gave Serena Williams the kiss of tennis death, when he was spotted locking lips with the tennis superstar as he made her run for a Grand Slam in 2015. He also cheered from the stands — she lost the U.S. Open.

Add to the list this year the Alabama Crimson Tide when he was photographed wearnig a team hoodie and the Tide all of a sudden forgot where the endzone was, getting whacked by the Clemson Tigers in the College Football Championship.

And a day before this year’s Super Bowl, a photo of Drake wearing a satin jacket with a Los Angeles Rams logo surfaced. That pic was likely photo-shopped since a similar jacket he also was photographed in sported a record label logo — but the dye was cast and the New England Patriots won their sixth Super Bowl beating the Rams 13-3.

And now, he’s uttered Arya’s name just days after big blow at Winterfell and fans are in a tizzy.

The character has long been on the list of names of those who may die on many prop bets on BetOnline, Bovada and other SBR top-rated sportsbooks but they don’t want it to actually happen.

Right now, odds at Sports Interaction are The Mountain is the next to fall but there is surely many deaths to go on the popular show. Afterall, the quest now is for Cersei and who will end up on the Iron Throne – so more will die.

Game of Thrones – Next To Die

  • The Mountain +300
  • Rhaegal +400
  • The Hound +400
  • Grey Worm +500
  • Euron +800
  • Bronn +900
  • Tormund +1000
  • Ghost +1200
  • Brienne +1200
  • Drogon +1200
  • Arya +1400
  • Daenerys +1600
  • Missandei +1800
  • Jaime +2900
  • Davos +2000
  • Podrick +2000
  • Varys +2200
  • Gendry +2200
  • Sansa +2500
  • Cersei +3300
  • Tyrion +4000
  • Yara +4000
  • Samwell +4000
  • Bran +4000

We’ll see soon enough if Drake has caused the demise of Arya. And if she does die, if Drake can take the wrath of “Game of Thrones” fans.