Is A New Green Lantern Ready To Cast His Light?

For those who didn’t think we’d never see Green Lantern on the big screen again after the debacle that was the 2011 movie, it looks as if you might be wrong.

As we type, “Green Lantern Corps’ is No. 103 on an IMDB list of movies under development by Warner Bros.

It is stuck between “Justice League Dark,’ which is not pornographic, we checked, and a remake of “Police Academy.’

According to the info we could find, “Green Lantern Corps,’ about a group of humans joining an alien interstellar police force protecting the universe, was to be released in June 2020, but that isn’t happening.

It doesn’t have a cast, or a script, which, last time we checked is vital to a movie premiere.

So while producers may have been dragging their feet on casting. MyBookie is happy to step in with odds on who could be the DC hero(s).

And yes, let’s be clear, there is more than one Green Lantern. This movie will not star just the singular superhero you’re accustomed to. In a nutshell, the Guardians of the Universe created the Green Lantern Corps with multiple members to keep peace in the universe. Rings given to Lanterns give them power from a Central Power Battery, that ensures the are “assigned’ to the proper sector of the cosmos. Lanterns come in all shapes and sizes and can be aliens or even bugs.

Count us on board of not going to see this movie if a cockroach is cast as the lead character.

Thankfully, the list of Green Lantern contenders from a list of Hollywood A-listers doesn’t appear to be bug material. One on the list may surprise you — Tom Cruise.

If the movie superstar were to attach himself to the project that would likely launch “Green Lantern Corps’ into the stratosphere which places it near the top of the DC Extended Universe, right next to “The Batman’ starring newly-minted superhero Robert Pattinson.

Of course, it’s all up for Green Lantern that has languished since its first big screen outing in 2011 starring Ryan Reynolds was a failure. We’re not going to delve too deep into the disaster of that film except that at least Reynolds met his now wife, Blake Lively on set.

In this film, it appears they are casting two Green Lanterns: a newbie Green Lantern/John Stewart opposite a more grizzled, battle worn Green Lantern/Hal Jordan.

As of this typing, no casting picks have been announced but various published reports have descriptions of the actors desired:

  • John Stewart: An African-American male, age 21 to 30. Character description: Prior to joining Green Lantern Corps, Stewart was a military sniper

  • Hal Jordan: White male age 39-50. This veteran of Green Lantern Corp was previously a military test pilot.

MyBookie is offering a single list of candidates that can easily populate both roles.

Who will be the next Green Lantern?

  • TOM CRUISE +130


  • COMMON +200


  • JOEL MCHALE +400

  • IDRIS ELBA +500


  • FIELD +300





  • CHRIS EVANS +4000


  • BEN AFFLECK +5000

  • WILL SMITH +10000

Hal Jordan sounds an awful lot like Tom Cruise to us. If you don’t agree, may we submit as evidence “Top Gun,’ “Edge of Tomorrow’ and the “Mission Impossible’ franchise. We know he’s a beyond the age range, but who cares, the salary will be the big hurdler here.

Other possible choices: Alex O’Loughin (hmm), Jake Gyllenhaal (probably not) and Armie Hammer (uh, no).

As for who can play John Stewart, let’s just go with the best Michael B. Jordan.