Improve Your Sport Picks With Djokovic & Murray's Player Profile

João Mourato

Tuesday, December 15, 2015 8:27 PM UTC

Tuesday, Dec. 15, 2015 8:27 PM UTC

Understanding each player is crucial to be successful on tennis betting, on this article you’ll be able to find a detailed analysis on Novak Djokovic and Andy Murray.

Novak Djokovic
The year of 2015 was absolutely brilliant from Novak Djokovic, the Serbian ended the season as world no. 1 after lifting 11 trophies, with an outstanding 82 – 6 record. Since the beginning of his professional career, Djokovic showed quality to be a top player, but his dominance since 2011 has been impressive.

Djokovic’s remarkable defensive skills, baseline consistency and ability to turn defense into offense are his major weapons. Let’s now analyze Novak’s numbers in recent years, using Pinnacle closing betting odds.

It’s clear that Djokovic performs at his best on bigger stages, only in 2013 his ROI was better on ATP 250 & 500 when compared to Masters & Grand Slams since 2011. One of Novak’s key for recent success is his tremendous physical shape, with the Serbian doing a very careful calendar management. One good example of Djokovic’s calendar management are his results at US Open Series Masters.

Djokovic rarely plays ATP 250 & 500 event, but our advice is to avoid betting on him at those tournaments. On the other hand the Serbian has been quite a solid investment on Masters & Grand Slams – except at Canada & Cincinnati.


Andy Murray
It was a very good end of season for Andy Murray, the world no.2 was determinant in Great Britain’s success at Davis Cup. Murray is a terrific defender and is always a very tough opponent to overcome, however his defensive game is often not enough against the other top players.

After winning his first major title at US Open in 2012, Andy started to believe more that he could emerge victorious on big tournaments. Let’s take a closer look on Murray’s last three season numbers, using also Pinnacle closing odds.

The 2013 stats were clearly affected by Andy’s physical problems. The British player struggled with a back injury, resulting in several early losses. Despite his 24.75% ROI as underdog on that year, is important to mention that he only played two matches when priced over 2.00.

Andy managed to overcome those physical issues and presented himself at 100% in the following two years, providing much more solid and reliable stats. Murray has performed much better when priced as favorite, with his defensive game being too much for lower ranked players to handle. On the other hand, when facing other top players his defensive skills are far from enough and his numbers show that.

To conclude, is also important to mention that Andy was a terrific investment in 2015 when playing on clay. Murray’s defensive game style suits that surface and he seems to have found the proper mindset to play on clay courts. 

For 2016 our suggestion is to avoid betting on Murray when priced on underdog, expect on clay where he’s usually underrated and might be a valuable tennis betting pick opportunity.

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