How To Make a Bet on US Politics & Trump's Acceptance Speech

Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, July 20, 2016 10:09 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jul. 20, 2016 10:09 PM UTC

The main man of the GOP, Donald Trump, will be making his acceptance speech tomorrow night and Sportsbooks are giving bettors more than a few opportunities to wager on his speech.

Bettors Feelin’ Trump?
Perhaps it is the excitement, pomp, and circumstance of the Republican Convention that is warming bettors to Donald Trump. Naturally these primetime, made for TV events always garner plenty of attention for the nominee and the odds at the sportsbooks are tied directly to the bounce in the polls. As of this moment, The Donald is bathed in the white hot spotlight he so desperately craves and the oddsmakers are paying attention. At BetOnline, there are more than a few props when it comes to the general election, as well as on his speech tomorrow night.


Odds to Win 2016 US Presidential Election
Hillary Clinton  -220
Donald Trump  +175
Bernie Sanders  +6600
Joe Biden  +15000
Paul Ryan  +15000
Mitt Romney  +20000
Gary Johnson  +10000


Thursday Night’s $peech
The world of U.S. politics is always volatile but the 2016 race is replete with polarizing candidates, domestic racial strife, international terrorism, Black Lives Matter, The Thin Blue Line and a kettle full of explosive topics. But Thursday night the man of the hour will make his way to the dais and deliver what many believe will be more than a few well-chosen shots across the bow of his opponent Hillary Clinton. Once again, the oddsmakers at have decided to offer the following wagers for your betting pleasure.


Donald Trump Speech: All Lives Matter

Uses complete phrase +190
Does not use complete phrase -240

  • Personally, I like the live dog here. It’s a quick, surefire way to get a thunderous applause and Trump likes nothing more than watching the masses genuflect at his altar. Grab the +190 here as a strong betting pick.


Donald Trump Speech: Bernie Sanders

Uses complete phrase -150
Does not use complete phrase +120

  • Trump needs Sanders’ supporters and understands the contempt many of them have for his former rival, Hillary Clinton. They will not necessarily follow their champion into the Clinton camp because many of them feel betrayed by Bernie’s sudden defection to mainstream politics and business as usual. Trump will try to appeal to Sanders’ disenfranchised base and will look to position himself as an outsider, just like dear old Bernie. Take the -150 betting odds to the bank.


Donald Trump Speech: Color of Tie

Red -400
Blue +350

Field (any other color) +1000

  • Seriously folks, does he own any other color? It’s a power color and if he ever wanted to show the world his enormous hands…check that…his colossal clout, then this is the perfect stage to do so. Lay the lumber and like it at -400.


Donald Trump Speech: Crooked Hillary

Over 4½ uses of phrase +150
Under 4½ uses of phrase -180

  • Trump will undeniably use the term “Crooked Hillary” but let’s not forget this night is all about his favorite person, Donald Trump, not his arch enemy. He will not overdo it, not because he’s not prone to overdoing just about everything, but because he will get a chance to talk to a national audience about the wonders of - who else? Donald Trump. Lay the -180.


Donald Trump Speech: Total Words

Over 4249½ total words -115
Under 4249½ total words -115

  • I’m not sure the oddsmakers could deal a number in which I wouldn’t go over the posted total. I have recently learned that for every minute of a speech there are 100-200 words. Donald doesn’t talk particularly fast but he does go long. If Trump stays on the podium for 20 minutes we have a better than decent shot at this prop going over the posted total. I say they’ll have to start playing the music – ala Oscar winners going too long – before he’ll drop the mic. Let’s go over -115 at BetOnline.


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