3 is the Magic Number for Sports Betting Success

SBR Staff

Sunday, June 25, 2017 4:19 PM UTC

Sunday, Jun. 25, 2017 4:19 PM UTC

Sports fans are increasingly bombarded by enticing bonus offers from a huge number of sportsbooks that are all trying to stand out in a very competitive market, but ...

Bonuses are very tempting, but there are more fundamental concerns that should be at the forefront of your mind when choosing a book to place some action with. You can divide sportsbooks into three broad categories: those offering sharp lines, sportsbooks offering loose lines and those with strongly reduced juice offers. It is vital that you have an account with at least one sportsbook from each of these three categories to ensure you consistently get the best betting odds and maximize your margins. You need to alternate between all three to ensure you consistently get the best line in every different situation. Ignore this advice and you are certain to miss out, but if you embrace it and exploit the differences between the three sportsbooks you can stay well ahead of the game and seriously increase your earnings. 

Sharp Lines

These sportsbooks are typically keen to set their own lines rather than waiting around for Vegas to present its lines. They cater to sharp bettors that go against the wider betting public and look for line value. These sportsbooks take large bets and welcome the pros, moving their lines quickly when they take large bets. Pinnacle and 5Dimes are good examples of market-setting sportsbooks that do not shade their lines at the market. You should always have an account with one of these sportsbooks. BetCRIS, The Greek, and Heritage are further examples. 

Loose Lines

A sportsbook offering loose lines is essentially one that has set a different handicap line to the one being used by Vegas and the majority of books. Sometimes it is to appear more attractive in a crowded market, or it is in response to the bets the individual sportsbook has taken rather than the market in general. For example, if sportsbook is taking a lot of action on the 4-point favorite from the armchair sports fans in the wider betting public, the loose line sportsbook might move the line and make it a 5-point favorite. If most bettors are getting on the favorite regardless of the spread, the book often has to adjust its lines to incite punters to place thier sports picks on the opposing team, so this can provide a great opportunity to back the underdog at a price that is inflated artificially (not as a reflection of the skill of the team, but due to the public simply backing the favorite). BetUS and Sports Interaction are good examples of books that regularly give up half a point or a point compared to the wider market average.

Reduced Juice

Bonuses are great and they are very exciting to newcomers, but for professionals and anyone with a long-term interest in sports betting, they pale in comparison to reduced juice. Often bonuses are too good to be true because they require you to jump through so many hoops before you can actually cash out anything, by which time your balance could well be zero. Bonuses are worth shopping around for, but reduced juice is arguably even more important. Reduced juice sportsbooks typically shun bonuses but offer players the ability to wager at odds better than the traditional -110 lines. 5Dimes, Heritage, and Pinnacle generally offer odds of -105, while Pinnacle goes as low as -104 on NFL. Over a long period of time, betting at -104 or -105 as opposed to -110 will make a world of difference to your bankroll, which is why anyone making a living from sports betting takes full advantage of reduced juice sportsbooks on a regular basis. Conclusion


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