Heritage Takes Top Honors in SBR's Poll: Where Did Your Book Rank?

Swinging Johnson

Tuesday, May 10, 2016 8:32 PM UTC

Tuesday, May. 10, 2016 8:32 PM UTC

The SBR community has spoken and the results are in on your choices for the best offshore books. Let’s take a look at the results and share your opinions.

Here’s the Deal
On April 6th SBR posted a thread in the Player’s Talk forum asking its members to vote for their top three offshore sportsbooks. The voting was open to all members who had signed up as an SBR member on or before that date and votes closed exactly one month later on May 6th. SBR reserved the right not to count votes from sportsbook employees, shills, agents, and posters from countries where sportsbooks are operating, etc.. Posters were asked to render their opinion on their Top 3 sportsbooks with the highest rated book first. The votes would be tallied as such: 25 points was awarded for your first choice, 15 points for second place and 10 points for third.

After four pages of votes and more than a few comments  to justify these choices, we have our winners and all the results can be found here. Without further ado, let’s examine the results of the 2016 SBR Forum Posters Poll for the best sites to get down.


The Results Are In
The people have spoken and here’s what they say is the consensus Top 10 offshore sportsbooks with total points and first, second and third place tallies in parentheses:

1. Heritage - 950 Total Points (675, 225, 50)

2. 5Dimes – 825 Total Points (550, 195, 80)

3. Bookmaker – 390 Total Points (150, 150, 90)

4. Pinnacle – 355 Total Points (225, 120, 10)

5. BetDSI - 350 Total Points (200, 60, 90)

6. YouWager - 195 Total Points (50, 105, 40)

7. Bet365 - 170 Total Points (75, 75, 20)

8. HRWager - 110 Total Points (100, 0, 10)

9. Bovada - 95 Total Points (25, 30, 40)

10. (tie) Nitrogen – 90 Total Points (50, 30, 10)

10. (tie) SBOBet – 90 Total Points (50, 30, 10)


The Peanut Gallery
The SBR community had plenty to say and here are a few comments from our esteemed posters.

ItsAmazing777 – “Bookmaker. Payment is at my door within 3 days every single time.”

RudyRuetigger – “Guys listing bookmaker are fu*kin squares. You can get dime lines for mlb on betdsi.”

TheMoneyShot (in response to RudyRuetigger) – “Yep. Only book (Bookmaker) to never adjust for MLB. You'd think they'd learn by now.

Justin Evans – 1. Heritage - great live wagering 2. 5dimes - tons of props/alt lines 3. Youwager - cool bonuses and standard lines 4. (vote did not count as only top three) Gtbets - Love their soccer lines. All Trustworthy!

Paper Trail07 – “Heritage could use more MMA props and bets all around.....”


What’s It All Mean?
The major factors in rating the books were safety, transparency, timely payouts, Bitcoin options, bonuses and friendly lines particularly during baseball season when dime lines are obviously preferred to nickel lines. Heritage and 5Dimes were clearly the player’s choice in the posters’ opinion with Bookmaker, Pinnacle and BetDSI rounding out the Top 5 in our 2016 SBR Forum Posters Poll.

Each and every year the offshore bookmakers are vying for your business and many make improvements in software, bonus schedules and customer service. While it is impossible to please all the people all of the time, the opinions expressed allow us to get a read on which books are attracting the most positive attention and could be worthy of your business if your current sportsbook is not up to snuff.

SBR wants to thank everyone who contributed and for those who are curious or enjoy the sportsbook scene, we invite you to peruse the Sportsbooks and The Industry sub-forum with topics ranging from Bitcoins to opinions offered on the various shops located all around the globe.

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