Game Of Thrones Hits The Betting Market: Who Will Perish Next?

SBR Staff

Wednesday, April 27, 2016 8:15 PM UTC

Wednesday, Apr. 27, 2016 8:15 PM UTC

Bodog sportsbook just released a series of interesting Game Of Thrones betting odds to profit from, including a Dead Pool to determine which character will perish next. 

You Know Nothing
If you thought Game Of Thrones couldn’t get any better, clearly you know nothing. Season 6 of HBO’s hit TV show adapted from George R. R. Martin’s best-selling book series came back real strong this past sunday. The intensity was so much that Bodog released a series of interesting bets to profit from. These include a Dead Pool to determine which character will perish next and a pick to determine who will rule Westeros at the end of the series.

Despite not having Sabermetrics to take advantage of, the game of betting is quite real and features some big numbers. Let’s take a look at the odds and come up with some conclusions before more heads--or other body parts--drop this coming sunday.


A Word Of Advice From Showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff
Whether you are a huge Game Of Thrones fan or an occasional tourist in Westeros, chances are that you’ve thought about reading the books to get ahead in the Fire & Ice hype--and/or to spoil the series to all of your friends.

However, showrunners D.B. Weiss and David Benioff have confirmed that not only “The show has diverged from the books quite dramatically by this point…”, but also that they “...are writing the final act now.”. While the sportsbooks won’t get beaten by a khalasar of book-nerds, the possibilities to make huge profit aren’t as crazy as they seem. The next character to die could take us all by surprise, including Bodog.


Anyone Want Daenerys To Die?
I know I don’t. Dany’s 6-season-long struggle to survive has to pay off before her dragon blood is spilt, or so my screenwriting experience tells me. Again, Game Of Thrones isn’t known to follow narrative rules all that well, so I might be wrong.

In any case, Dany and the mysterious Jaquen H’ghar hold the highest odds in the dead pool at +7500. Gladly for us Dany fans, the unlikeliness of this happening is huge as we’ve seen on-set spoilers that make it pretty clear that the Mother Of Dragons will be alive and kicking for a while.



Photos From Season 6's Set Reveal Daenerys At Vaes Dothrak

How To Handle The Myriad Of Picks Available
Other than Jaquen and Daenerys, we’ve got 23 other picks that’ll get you over $1000, from the brave Podrick Payne at +1000 to the devious Cersei Lannister at +5000. Odds are sure to shift violently each week, but some of the most interesting picks available are:

Brienne Of Tarth at +1500: Poor Brienne killed after Sansa finally accepted her help? I mean, that would leave Sansa, Theon, and Podrick undefended in the north, soon to be ravaged by an army of White Walkers...but then again, this is Geroge's series that we're talking about.

Drogon at +3300: We’ve never seen the trio of dragons intimidated by anything. Not even their mother could stop them from having a meal when they really wanted to. However, if a dragon is going to die, wouldn’t a city full of Dothraki warriors be the more likely responsible force? We know that Dany will be taken to Vaes Dothrak. What if Drogon has got to fight the Dothraki in their home turf?



Photos From Season 6's Set Reveal A Large Fire At Vaes Dothrak

The Doomed Four
Alliser Thorne at +400, Jorah Mormont at +450, Theon Greyjoy at +800, and Ramsay Bolton (Snow) at +900 are the favored characters to die next. While some of these might seem like easy picks, I would recommend taking a closer look.

Season 6’s hypest dying detective, Jorah Mormont, embarked on a quest to search for his beloved queen along with Daario.

If he dies next, how would that affect Daario in his search for Daenerys? Think about it, that wouldn't make for great storytelling since most of the conflict and stakes would be denied.

Also, Theon Greyjoy dying after he saved Sansa? That’s not very G.R.R.-like. In fact, that could be considered cheap writing too. Using a character to serve a purpose and then killing him off is denying its existence and turning him into a narrative tool. It's unlikely.


Arya To Regain Her Sight and Rule Westeros?
That would be awesome, but according to the betting odds, it’s very unlikely to happen in the next 4 episodes. And even more unlikely to see Arya on the throne as she’s at +5000 for that bet.

Don’t worry, though. Awesome is exactly what we’ll get if the odds are right and Jon Snow at +250 gets resuscitated and takes the throne to himself. Don’t count Dany out though, since she’s at +300. And if you’re looking for the real big bucks, be brave and put your money on Hodor...yup, HODOR, who's at a jaw-dropping +50000 to be the King of Westeros.

Hopefully this quick run-down helps you guys get a feel for these newly released Game Of Thrones odds before other sportsbooks jump on the hype. From a betting standpoint, our Dead Pool pick is Jaime Lannister at +3300 as the show reels us into Cersei's breakdown.

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