Game Of Thrones Penultimate Episode Leaves Fans Wanting

Let’s just call it … the penultimate episode was epic … in its disappointment.

Don’t like our assessment? Change Our Mind.

Feelings are decidedly mixed but most fans online (have you looked at Twitter lately?) expressed dismay why they waited for eight seasons and four episodes for this.

Fans: Cersei died under a pile of rubble? Really? HBO response: Hey, we gave you Cleganebowl, shut up.

Fans: Mad Queen Dany and Drogon take out innocents at King’s Landing? HBO response: Arya still lives and rides a white horse, shh.

Many fans, OK, many, many, many viewers are trying to take solace that if the Queen’s death wasn’t as gruesome as they wanted, at least it was poetic. She and Jaime leaving the world as they came into it – together. Meh.

The frustration, too, that Jaime’s redemption would end like this – in the arms of his sister. We kept waiting for the thrust of a dagger that never came. What was the point?

And that is the crux of many fan’s dismay. The episodes are blockbuster in size and scale with visionary scenes of battles – and so much potential. Too bad they still feel truncated and swift skipping over plot points forcing viewers to fill in the details.

Of course, there is the other side. Dany was always going to go dark so why are you surprised. If you look into the abyss for that long, you’re going to become evil. Many fans are adopting the “Frozen’ attitude – “let it go.’

There were some storylines wrapped up in Episode 5. And a few prop bets satisfied, even if some fans were not:

  • Lord Varys was executed for his betrayal with a last, touching moment with Tyrion. (Who will die first in Season 8: Bronn or Varys – Varys -110)

  • Jon and Daenerys as lovers, are done – leaving Dany to take to the skies on Drogon in the biggest “Mean Girls’ Burn Book entry ever. (Will Jon and Daenerys get Married? — No -900)

  • Jaime and Cersi. Enough said. (Which Lannister Will Die First – dead heat; Who Will Die First? Jaime or Tyrion – Jaime -550; Will Cersei Give Birth During The Final Season – No -280; Who Will Kill Cersei Lannister – we’re saying Daenerys +700 because she was riding Drogon, or possibly “Field’ +350 because Drogon’s actions caused King’s Landing collapse)

  • We have Cleganebowl as Sandor faces down his brother Gregor (Who Will Die First? Gregor or Sandor – Despite Gregor taking a large knife to the head, a dead heat; Who Will Win Cleganbowl? Both die or are destroyed +225)

  • Did take some satisfaction with Euron Greyjoy dying even though with his last breath he boasted about his wounding of Jaime, uh, wrong! (Will Euron Greyjoy Marry Cersei Lannister? No -900)

One episode, left Thronies …Who will sit on the throne? Will Daenerys survive? Will Jon? Can this season be saved?