Free Soccer Picks: Champions League 2014 Futures Betting

Mike Richardson

Thursday, May 30, 2013 3:15 PM UTC

Thursday, May. 30, 2013 3:15 PM UTC

The dust has barely settled around Wembley after the last Champions League final and what a great one it was, where your Humble Handicapper picked the winner.
Infused by such a good results to round off his European football season your Humble Handicapper is now going out on a little bit of a limb and is predicting the future is of the Champions League for next season.


It is great final and for once my life my wife insisted that I sit down and watch the football possibly ushered 70 pairs of shoes riding on the result. And by the final whistle Mrs Richardson was a very happy camper as was her shoe dealer.

Enough with the shoes…WHERE’S THE 2014 MONEY MIKE?

Starring with Chelsea, the blue team in London who finished third in the Premier League are being talked about a Champions League contenders in the same breath that they are being talked about having a brand-new manager, to vault them to greater glories. However I feel that their side is looking a bit long in the tooth and short in the leg, and even with a special manager they’ll need new blood in to start winning things and new blood usually takes a season to settle. Therefore don't bet on Chelsea winning the Champions League which is available at 14/1. Whilst you might like to know that any English team winning is 13/5 for your soccer picks.

And Outside of This Sceptre’d Isle?

No great surprise that we have a pair of joint favourites in this competition with reigning champs Bayern Munich and Barcelona being argued over by the bookies about  who will win it. The Spanish side are 9/2 betting odds while the Germans are 4/1 to win the champions league in 2014. Also interesting to note is that any Spanish winner is at 7/4 and any German side is 11/4. Although the difference in those odds has more to do with Real Madrid rather than just Barcelona.

Tough at the Top

Personally I don't think that Bayern Munich will make it back to back trophies as that's not usually how the Champions League  rolls, but if you think I’m talking out of my hat you can bear on the German champions…it’s free country.

I'll tell you now to bet on Barcelona. They are probably the best team on the planet and they are probably very keen to make amends for last season's Champions League failure. The bookies are also talking up Real Madrid at 6/1 but I think the new manager will be concentrating on the league and will have his hands full with that and the Champions League campaign will suffer as a result.

Some talk of Champions League victory for that Manchester United, but they have a new manager with no experience of winning the Champions League, unlike Fergie. Still the bookies have the Red Devil at 12/1 to lift the Champions League but I don't think that it will happen.

If you are set on an English team winning it, why not go all out and have a wild punt on Arsenal! Allegedly these sleeping giants are about to be awoken but the bookies think is pretty unlikely. Therefore if you want a big bag of money go wild with the Gunners, they might just cause a huge upset. It’s worth a cheeky one at 28/1.

Manchester City by comparison will probably more of a force to reckon and are on considerably worse odds of 10/1. But I just have a feeling that they won't quite make it a Champions League winning season next season.

Free Soccer Tips: Bet on Barcelona (and have a cheeky punt on Arsenal) to win the Champions League 2014.

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