Fly Us To The Moon, Or Not Mars Is The Goal Of NASA, Trump & Bets

In a single tweet last week, President Trump put Mars and the moon in the spotlight or moonlight and prompted confusion.

Uh, Houston, we have a problem.

His insistence that NASA needs to focus on the red planet upends his previous statements that American astronauts, and more specifically, a woman astronaut, should head back to the moon.

Twitter and pundits made hay from the Tweet and maybe it will be clarified – or not.

He’s right that it’s been 50 years since the United States planted a flag on the moon’s surface.

And just last month, he announced he was adding $1.6 million to NASA’s budget so that the U.S. could “return to Space in a BIG WAY!’

“Under my Administration, we are restoring @NASA to greatness and we are going back to the Moon, then Mars,” he continued on Twitter.

NASA is on board as NASA Administrator Jim Bridentstine told the International Development Conference last week that “”the very first space policy directive of the President said, ‘We’re going to go back to the moon.’ “

He said the trip to the moon would be done “differently than we have ever done it before’ saying “we’re going to stay,’ implying a permanent outpost.

Finally “Space 1999,’ a semi-famed TV show from the ‘70s will come to life. Maybe.

What Bridenstine said may be what Trump’s most recent space tweet is referring to: the moon as a stepping stone to mars.

One plan by NASA calls for a “Lunar Orbital Platform’ called Gateway, a space station that would orbit the moon that could serve as a launching point for lunar landings or as a starting point for Mars.

Trump’s tweet seems to muddle things up but standing bets at several sportsbooks still address the space race among both government and private-owned efforts.

At Bovada:

Will A Human Being Set Foot On Mars By 2025?

  • Yes +275

  • No -450

At Pinnacle they are addressing if a human will step on Mars, the method and it’s hard to believe, on whether the earth is round or flat.

On that last one, we still contend that if the world was flat, just like the popular meme, the cats of the world would have knocked everything off it by now.

The Pinnacle bets:

Human to set foot on Mars by 1/1/2025?

  • Yes +824

  • No -2500

Organization to put human being on Mars first?

  • SpaceX -330

  • Boeing +508

  • Blue Origin +306

  • U.S. Space Force +1160

Will consensus be that earth is flat by 1/1/2025?

  • Yes +2500

  • No -50000

At MyBookie:

First organization to send humans to Mars?

  • SPACE X -300

  • BLUE ORIGIN +400

  • BOEING +500

  • SPACE FORCE +2000

  • RUSSIA +4500

  • NASA +6000

  • CHINA +8500


  • FIELD +12500