Dancing With The Stars Prop Bets Get Personal

Opting for something different this year on “Dancing With the Stars,’ the celebrities and the professional dancers were announced separately with no inkling of which celeb and pro would be paired for the ABC reality show.

Well, the premiere is Monday and still no official announcement of partnerships, but over the past three weeks fans and/or super spies have been sharing tidbits, examining social media posts and reading tea leaves in an attempt to figure out how who is dancing with who.

At one point a Realtor’s listing was used as comparison to a Instagram post that possibly revealed which dancing celeb’s backyard Val Chmerkovskiy was sitting in. Nice!

BetOnline has posted a dozen prop bets – none related potential partnerships – but some serious and fun choices for bettors.

Warning, here be potential spoilers related to who will tango with who, so if you don’t want to know jump to after the tweet below.


With the help of fans, Inquisitr published some pairing we may see on Monday night: ex-NFL player Ray Lewis & Cheryl Burke; comedian Kel Mitchell & Witney Carson; “American Idol’ finalist Lauran Alaina & Gleb Savchenko; “Bachelorette’ Hannah Brown & Alan Bersten; supermodel Christie Brinkley & Val Chmeerkovskiy; ex-NBA player Lamar Odom & Jenna Johnson; Sean Spicer & Lindsay Arnold; “Dawson Creek’ star James Van Der Beek & Emma Slater; “Queer Eye’ star Karamo Brown & Peta Murgatroyd.

No firm parings for former “Office’ co-star Kate Flannery, Fifth Harmony singer Ally Brooke, former Supremes singer Mary Wilson.

There’s also a rumor that a one more celebrity may join the show during the premiere. This rumor was spawned during an “Entertainment Tonight’ interview with last year’s winner Bobby Bones who said “I have the mirrorball, they can’t take the actual mirrorball. And who knows, I may come back. They haven’t said who the mystery dancer is yet.’ Ding Ding.

Adding fuel – or not – that pro Keo Motsepe was spotted in Nashville with fellow pro Savchenko. Of course, they could have been there rehearsing with Bones for an opening number, we’ll know Monday.

Another topic that likely will be addressed is how the judge’s opinion rather than the public’s will carry more weight in this season. DJ Bobby Bones’ win last year over, we’ll just say it, a much better dancer, Milo Manheim, rubbed viewers and producers the wrong way. Expect that to change beginning Monday.

As for BetOnline’s props, many are personal – and some are downright touchy topics, such as will Brinkley’s divorces be mentioned, with the murder case involving Lewis come up, will there be booing when Spicer dances or if Trump is mentioned.

Here are the bets:

If President Trump is mentioned will the audience boo?

  • Yes -500

  • No +300

Our Pick: Nope.

Unsolved murder case involving Ray Lewis be referenced?

  • No -5000

  • Yes +2000

Our Pick: If this comes up someone will lose their job … got that, Tom Bergeron?

When will Sean Spicer be eliminated from Season 28?

  • Episodes 1-3 -300

  • Episodes 4-7 +250

  • Episodes 8 or later +350

Our Pick: He’ll go first or second is our best guess.

Will “Dawson’s Creek” be said during Season 28?

  • No -140

  • Yes +100

Our Pick: Does Van der Beek have one of the worst ugly cry faces EVER?

Will Christie Brinkley’s divorces be referenced?

  • No -300

  • Yes +200

Our pick: Hmm, the divorces may not be mentioned but we’re guessing at least one ex husband will come up. She may even dance to “Uptown Girl.’ Now THAT would have been a great prop bet!

Will James Van der Beek say “I don’t want your life’?

  • No -500

  • Yes +300

Our Pick: We cannot think of a way this would occur, but we’re willing to be wrong.

Will Karamo Brown say “Spicer” during Season 28?

  • No -300

  • Yes +200

Our Pick: He’s already said too much … he will clam up.

Will Lamar Odom’s overdose be referenced?

  • No -2500

  • Yes +1000

Our Pick: Doubtful ABC would bring it up, but who knows, Lamar might.

Will Ray Lewis do signature “Squirrel Dance”?

  • Yes -300

  • No +200

Our Pick: A man’s gotta do, what a man’s gotta do.

Will the audience boo Sean Spicer at any point?

  • No -120

  • Yes -120

Our Pick: ABC might put a seven-second day and hit the mute button. This is too close to call.

Will “Good Burger” be said in reference to Kel Mitchell?

  • No -300

  • Yes +200

Our Pick: Yeppers, not much else to say, right? SNAP!

Will “The Office” be said in reference to Karen Flannery?

  • Yes -200

  • No +150

Our Pick: Of course it will … no brainer.