Breeders’ Cup World Championships Taking Shape in Futures Market

Monday, October 22, 2018 8:19 PM UTC

Monday, Oct. 22, 2018 8:19 PM UTC

Five races on Nov. 2 and nine on Nov. 3 are on the Breeders’ Cup World Championships schedule at Churchill Downs in Louisville, including the big Breeders’ Cup Classic. Let's find some winning bets.

<p dir="ltr">The biggest event in horse racing each year and the end-cap to its season, the <a href="">Breeders' Cup World Championships</a>, will be held on Friday and Saturday (Nov. 2-3) at Churchill Downs in Louisville, Kentucky as 14 races — all but one Grade I events — will take place. All races on the Friday Juvenile card will be televised on NBCSN, which will pick up the Saturday races early on before giving way to NBC for the muscle of the day’s card.</p><p dir="ltr">Many Eclipse Award divisional winners will be determined although <a href="" title="Free Sports Picks">likely Horse of the Year Justify</a> — who retired in July — will be sorely missed. Many of the horses who will be racing at Churchill Downs qualified through the <a href="">Breeders’ Cup Challenge</a> race series with "win and you're in" berths in specified divisions.</p><p dir="ltr">Here are <a href="" title="Sports Odds">current futures odds</a> from online sportsbook <a href=";book=BOVADA" rel="nofollow" title="Top Rated Sportsbook">Bovada</a> for both days in race, odds and alphabetical order for the 14 anticipated races. The pre-entered fields for the races will <a href="">be announced on Wednesday</a> via live stream on the <a href="">Breeders’ Cup website</a> and also on its <a href="">Facebook page</a> at 11:30 a.m. ET.</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Friday, Nov. 2 (Odds on Oct. 22 from Bovada)</h2><h2 dir="ltr">Juvenile Turf Sprint (3:21 p.m. ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Soldier’s Call +275<br />Sergei Prokofiev 4/1<br />Shang Shang Shang 4/1<br />Strike Silver 6/1<br />Pocket Dynamo 8/1<br />Pretty Pollyanna 8/1<br />Bulletin 10/1<br />Uncle Benny 10/1<br />It’s Gonna Hurt 12/1<br />Signora Cabello 12/1<br />Stillwater Cove 25/1</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Juvenile Fillies Turf (4 p.m. ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Newspaperofrecord +250<br />Just Wonderful +350<br />La Pelosa +650<br />Concrete Rose 7/1<br />The Mackem Bullet 10/1<br />Lily’s Candle 12/1<br />Pretty Pollyanna 12/1<br />East 14/1<br />My Gal Betty 14/1<br />Summering 18/1<br />Dogtag 25/1</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Juvenile Fillies (4:40 p.m. ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Bellafina +250<br />Serengeti Express +375<br />Restless Rider 5/1<br />Jaywalk 7/1<br />Sippican Harbor 7/1<br />Feedback 12/1<br />Mother Mother 12/1<br />Brill 16/1<br />Chasing Yesterday 16/1<br />Vibrance 18/1<br />Reflect 20/1<br />Splashy Kisses 33/1</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Juvenile Turf (5:22 p.m. ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Advertise 6/1<br />Mohawk 7/1<br />Cape Of Good Hope 8/1<br />Current 14/1<br />War Of Will 14/1<br />Somelikeithotbrown 16/1<br />Henley’s Joy 18/1<br />Opry 20/1</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Juvenile (6:05 p.m. ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Game Winner +150<br />Complexity 4/1<br />Code Of Honor 8/1<br />Mind Control 9/1<br />Gunmetal Gray 10/1<br />Well Defined 14/1<br />Mucho 16/1<br />Rowayton 16/1<br />Tale Of The Union 16/1<br />Standard Deviation 18/1<br />Tight Ten 18/1<br />Knicks Go 20/1<br />Strike Silver 20/1<br />Unionizer 40/1</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Saturday, Nov. 3 (Odds on Oct. 22 from Bovada)</h2><h2 dir="ltr">Filly and Mare Sprint (noon ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Marley’s Freedom 2/1<br />Dream Tree 4/1<br />Selcourt 7/1<br />Finleysluckycharm 8/1<br />Lewis Bay 12/1<br />Ivy Bell 16/1<br />Mia Mischief 16/1<br />Union Strike 16/1<br />Sye Diamonds 16/1<br />Highway Star 18/1<br />Stormy Embrace 18/1</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Turf Sprint (12:38 p.m. ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Disco Partner +400<br />Battash +450<br />Stormy Liberal 6/1<br />Harry Angel +650<br />US Navy Flag 7/1<br />Blue Point 8/1<br />Conquest Tsunami 8/1<br />World Of Trouble 8/1<br />Bound For Nowhere 10/1<br />Fine Needle 10/1<br />Havana Grey 10/1<br />Sands Of Mali 10/1<br />Buchero 12/1<br />Limato 14/1<br />Alpha Delphini 20/1<br />Long On Value 20/1<br />Sioux Nation 25/1<br />Washington DC 33/1</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Dirt Mile (1:16 p.m. ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Catalina Cruiser +150<br />Mind Your Biscuits 6/1<br />City Of Light +650<br />McKinzie 9/1<br />Firenze Fire 10/1<br />Promises Fulfilled 12/1<br />Whitmore 12/1<br />Bolt d’Oro 16/1<br />Seeking The Soul 18/1<br />American Anthem 20/1<br />Ax Man 20/1<br />Backyard Haven 20/1<br />Battle Of Midway 25/1</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Filly &amp; Mare Turf (2:04 p.m. ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Wild Illusion +275<br />Sistercharlie +350<br />Magical 6/1<br />Magic Wand 7/1<br />Laurens 8/1<br />Vasilika 8/1<br />Forever Together 8/1<br />Eziyra 9/1<br />A Raving Beauty 10/1<br />Fourstar Crook 10/1<br />Rushing Fall 10/1<br />Sheikha Reika 10/1<br />Happily 12/1<br />Uni 12/1<br />Lah Ti Dar 14/1<br />Athena 16/1<br />Quidura 16/1<br />Off Limits 33/1<br />Proctors Ledge 33/1<br />Toinette 33/1<br />Daddy’s Lil Darling 40/1</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Sprint (2:46 p.m. ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Imperial Hint +275<br />Army Mule 5/1<br />Roy H 6/1<br />X Y Jet 7/1<br />Mind Your Biscuits 8/1<br />Mitole 10/1<br />Ransom The Moon 10/1<br />Limousine Liberal 16/1<br />Whitmore 20/1<br />American Pastime 25/1<br />Takaful 25/1<br />B Squared 50/1</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Mile (3:36 p.m. ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Polydream 4/1<br />Expert Eye 5/1<br />Oscar Performance 6/1<br />Laurens 8/1<br />Recoletos 8/1<br />With You 9/1<br />Benbati 10/1<br />Analyze It 12/1<br />Lancaster Bomber 12/1<br />Lightning Spear 14/1<br />Without Parole 14/1<br />Catholic Boy 16/1<br />Delta Prince 16/1<br />Gustav Klimt 16/1<br />Plumatic 16/1<br />Next Shares 20/1<br />Lord Glitters 25/1<br />Heart To Heart 33/1<br />Voodoo Song 33/1<br />Forge 40/1<br />Hunt 40/1<br />Frostmourne 66/1<br />Om 66/1</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Distaff (4:16 p.m. ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Monomoy Girl +150<br />Abel Tasman 3/1<br />Midnight Bisou +450<br />Vale Dori 8/1<br />Wow Cat 10/1<br />Blue Prize 16/1<br />Eskimo Kisses 16/1<br />Red Ruby 16/1<br />Wonder Gadot 18/1<br />Paradise Woods 25/1</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Turf (4:56 p.m. ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Enable -175<br />Roaring Lion +350<br />Waldgeist 6/1<br />Crystal Ocean 8/1<br />Talismanic 8/1<br />Beach Patriot 10/1<br />Cloth Of Stars 12/1<br />Cracksman 14/1<br />Capri 16/1<br />Catholic Boy 16/1<br />Robert Bruce 16/1<br />Cliffs Of Moher 20/1<br />Hunting Horn 20/1<br />Glorious Empire 25/1<br />Hawkbill 25/1<br />Sadlers Joy 25/1<br />Study Of Man 25/1<br />Amedeo Modigliani 33/1<br />Hi Happy 33/1</p><p dir="ltr"> </p><h2 dir="ltr">Classic (5:44 p.m. ET)</h2><p dir="ltr">Accelerate +275 (was 8/1 on Aug. 6)<br />McKinzie 6/1 (16/1)<br />Catholic Boy 7/1<br />West Coast 7/1 (7/1)<br />Roaring Lion 10/1<br />Yoshida 11/1<br />Mendelssohn 12/1 (25/1)<br />Thunder Snow 14/1 (18/1)<br />Audible 16/1 (16/1)<br />Catalina Cruiser 16/1 (10/1)<br />Diversify 16/1 (10/1)<br />Collected 20/1 (16/1)<br />Discreet Lover 25/1<br />Gronkowski 25/1 (7/1)<br />Gunnevera 25/1<br />Pavel 33/1<br />Seeking The Soul 33/1<br />Vino Rosso 33/1 (25/1)<br />Bolt d’Oro 50/1 (50/1)<br />Toast Of New York 50/1 (50/1)<br />Axelrod 66/1</p><p dir="ltr"><img height="691" src="" width="485" /></p><h2 dir="ltr">Free Breeders' Cup Futures Picks</h2><p dir="ltr"><strong>JUVENILE:</strong> Game Winner +150 (Bovada)<br /><strong>SPRINT:</strong> Mitole +1000 (Bovada)<br /><strong>DISTAFF:</strong> Monomoy Girl +150 (Bovada)<br /><strong>CLASSIC: </strong>West Coast +700 (Bovada)</p>
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