Brazil’s 7-1 Loss Left One Sports Better A Winner at 250-1 Odds

Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, July 9, 2014 1:49 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jul. 9, 2014 1:49 PM UTC

Each day Swinger looks at who is making news and how it might affect sports bettors down the road. Let’s take a look at today’s newsmakers.

A National Disgrace
Let me be honest. When I think of a national disgrace, the topics of conversation that come to mind might be something along the lines of failing to save four US citizens in Benghazi from bloodthirsty marauders, North Korea funneling billions into the pockets of the autocracy while their people starve or human rights violations in the Third World hell hole of your choice. Those, ladies and gentlemen, are national disgraces but losing a soccer game? Not so much. 

However, in keeping with the teeth gnashing crowd devastated by the humiliating defeat Brazil suffered at the hands of the Germans yesterday, I too will pile on even though the whole thing seems a bit overwrought to say the least. As you know, the entire country of Brazil is in mourning over the 7-1 defeat in the semi-finals on Tuesday and, as the host country, has threatened to cancel the remaining games. I just made that up but you just know the entire nation wants to demolish all those stadiums built specifically for this international extravaganza and pretend the whole thing never happened.

Personally, I’m glad Brazil lost but not because I have anything against the country itself, it’s just that they were the big dogs in the kennel and thought their poop didn’t stink. Everyone enjoys watching Goliath get knocked down, unless of course you happen to be Goliath. And to top it off, this humiliation comes fresh off the heels of their 2-1 loss to Uruguay in the World Cup Finals only 64 years ago. Hasn’t that generation suffered enough? 

Oh well, a loss is a loss no matter if you lose in a shootout or by six goals. But hell, this is soccer, what team is so bad that they could ever lose by six freakin’ goals in a sport where 3-0 is considered a blowout? Oh right, Brazil of course! Maybe it’s time the entire nation moves on from this passing fancy of futbol and takes up needlepoint or crochet. Sometimes you have to realize that when something you love doesn’t love you back it’s time to pursue other, more attainable dreams. Let us pray that one day Brazil dries her tears and realizes soccer just isn’t for everyone.

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Futbol Nostradamus
A punter from New Zealand was elated to watch Germany crush Brazil because he or she made a brilliant bet with the Australian betting site TAB. Reports are that 9,700 others bet the exact score and all came up short, except one. Yes, there was one lonely wager on Germany to defeat Brazil by the score of 7-1. It was a scant two-dollar bet at 250-1 in World Cup betting odds but it clicked and returned a nifty nickel for that perfect prognostication.

There are also rumors circulating that another bettor made an even more audacious play on not only the exact score and winner of the match but that German star Samir Khedira would score during the game. Reports are that a $20 wager was placed at World Cup betting odds of 2319-1 which would net a stunning return of $46,380! As of this writing this story has not been confirmed but if true has to be considered the mother of all longshots.  

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