Boxing Recap: Horn Upsets Pacquiao – Controversially?

Sunday, July 2, 2017 7:19 PM UTC

Sunday, Jul. 2, 2017 7:19 PM UTC

Different people have different ideas about Saturday’s fight between Manny Pacquiao and Jeff Horn. But in the end, Horn defied the boxing odds and pulled off the upset.

<p>There’s a new champion in Brisbane. Jeff Horn shocked the world by beating Manny Pacquiao Saturday night – Sunday afternoon Down Under – taking Pacquiao’s WBO World welterweight title and cashing in at +400 on the <a href="">boxing odds board</a>. Horn won by unanimous decision, but not everyone agrees with the result. The British commentary team thought Horn had prevailed, but weren’t sure; the American team thought Pacquiao was comfortably ahead.<br /><br />Here at the ranch, we thought Horn deserved the win. He was relentless, pouring on the volume and controlling the clinch for the most part. Pacquiao certainly had more polish, and his counter-punches were impressive, especially to the body. Horn was nearly out on his feet at the end of the ninth round, but amazingly, he didn’t wilt down the stretch, and Pacquiao couldn’t close the deal.</p><p> </p><h2><strong>It’s a Distribution Problem</strong></h2><p>This was bound to happen to Pacquiao eventually. He wins almost all his fights by decision these days, usually piling up enough points to make it easy on the judges. Saturday’s fight was not easy. One of the judges had it 117-111, which seems a bit much; the other two had Horn ahead 115-113, which seems just about right. We thought it may have even been a draw over the 12 rounds.</p><p><br />I can understand Pacquiao’s legion of fans thinking he got hosed, but I’m not sure why there’s so much head-shaking going on among boxing analysts stateside. Horn wasn’t the better boxer Saturday night, not even close, but he made up for it with effort, volume and surprising reserves of stamina. Okay, a couple of accidental headbutts helped Horn’s cause, too, but this wasn’t highway robbery from our vantage point. Pacquiao won his rounds much more handily, Horn’s were closer, especially those early feeling-out rounds, so Pac-Man ended up landing more punches without winning the fight. It is what it is.</p><blockquote><p>[/]{"component": "embedHTML", "code": "&lt;blockquote class=\"twitter-tweet\" data-lang=\"en\"&gt;&lt;p lang=\"en\" dir=\"ltr\"&gt;LOOK: Final punch statistics favored Manny Pacquiao, but Jeff Horn won WBO welterweight championship &lt;a href=\"\"&gt;#PacHorn&lt;/a&gt; &lt;a href=\"\"&gt;#PacquiaoHorn&lt;/a&gt; | via ESPN Stats &lt;a href=\"\"&gt;;/a&gt;&lt;/p&gt;— The Philippine Star (@PhilippineStar) &lt;a href=\"\"&gt;July 2, 2017&lt;/a&gt;&lt;/blockquote&gt;\n&lt;script async src=\"//\" charset=\"utf-8\"&gt;&lt;/script&gt;"}[/]</p></blockquote><p>As it stands, we didn’t have a dog in this fight, but we almost certainly would have recommended putting OVER 9.5 rounds (–175) in your <a href="">boxing picks</a>. Even better, some books had the total at 10.5 rounds with the OVER at –140. Easy money. Whatever you thought of the result, we hope things turned out profitably, and as always, may the squared circle be with you.</p>
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