Boxing Odds: More Props for Mayweather-Pacquiao

Jason Lake

Friday, April 10, 2015 10:47 PM UTC

Friday, Apr. 10, 2015 10:47 PM UTC

The people loved our initial wave of hypothetical boxing odds for the Floyd Mayweather-Manny Pacquiao props market. But the people want more. What other props might be on tap for the Fight of the Century?

The May 2 superfight between Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao is drawing the kind of public interest usually reserved for the Super Bowl. That means an expanded set of props in addition to the usual boxing odds, everything from the basics like will the fight go the distance, to media-related props like how many households will buy the PPV.

But that’s still not enough. If this is the Super Bowl of boxing, then the people demand to see hundreds of props hit the market – the crazier, the better. We felt it was our duty to get the ball rolling right out of the gate, so we published our suggestions for some props that might generate some interest. Mission accomplished: There are about 40 props for the Fight of the Century on our odds board as we go to press, and there should be plenty more where that came from. Let’s take a moment to look at what other juicy props might be around the corner.

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Hit First, Hit Hardest
In parallel with the ever-popular First Score props on the Super Bowl market, we should have some First Punch props for Mayweather-Pacquiao. Who will land first? Will it be a left hand or a right hand? We’re already starting to see some numbers for these props floating around out there, although they have yet to officially wash up on our shores. Here’s what we’re seeing so far:


First punch landed
Mayweather    –130
Pacquiao          –110
Left                  –135
Right                +105

Mmmmm… vigorish. Not much of a surprise to see Pacquiao as the favorite in the first instance, given Mayweather’s preferred defensive approach. But if that’s the case, would you not also expect Pacquiao to lead with his right? He is a southpaw, after all. Perhaps the concept here is that Pacquiao’s initial jab attempts won’t land; that’s what happened in his most recent fight with Chris Algieri, when Pac-Man’s first successful punch was a straight left up the middle.


Foul Play
People love it when a fight gets dirty. In fact, it’s almost expected. Here are a couple of interesting boxing props that are starting to make the rounds.

Will an accidental foul be committed?
YES                  –200
NO                  +165

Will either fighter have a point deducted?
YES                  +400
NO                  –650

Notice the big discrepancy between the boxing odds in these two props. It’s up to the referee whether or not a foul is accidental; headbutts are pretty common when fighters get in close, and there’s always the danger of a low blow. But boxers seem to be getting away with more and more shenanigans these days, like hitting after the bell has sounded. That’s why we like NO for the second prop despite the added chalk. By the way, we had NO priced at –240 when we published our list of speculative props.


Random Access Memories
Speaking of shenanigans, the fine folks at Sports Interaction have a very interesting take on the prop for total number of punches landed. They have a special kind of wager called a Piñata Pick, where you place the bet and receive a total at random. If your total matches the number of punches landed by Mayweather and Pacquiao combined, you get paid out at +10000.

Is this a good bet to add to your boxing picks? Well, we’d want to know how that random total is generated before we threw any money down. Can it be any number from 1 to 1000? What about 100 to 500? We expect this fight to go the distance and for each fighter to land somewhere in the neighborhood of 200 punches, so we’d feel like chumps if we hit that piñata and ended up with a random total of, I don’t know, 666 or something.

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