Betting Mayweather vs. Pacquiao: True Impact of Judges Moretti, Clements, Feldman & Referee on Outcome

Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, April 29, 2015 4:16 PM UTC

Wednesday, Apr. 29, 2015 4:16 PM UTC

A lot of tips have been shared to apply when betting Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao, but what do we know about the judges who will decide this fight and the man who will referee it?

The Referee
Kenny Bayless will be the third man inside the squared circle when Floyd Mayweather and Manny Pacquiao make history. Bayless is familiar with both fighters having refereed Pacquiao’s unanimous decision victory over Timothy Bradley in April of last year when he reclaimed the WBO Welterweight title that he lost to Bradley two years earlier. He was also present in two of Mayweather's last three fights as well.

Bayless is well respected in boxing circles because of his no-nonsense approach. The 64-year-old veteran of the ring wars always exhibits an even temperament yet maintains strict control. Bayless is often quoted as saying to the combatants, "What I say you must obey." And he will be paid $25,000 to say just that.

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Judge Dave Moretti
If experience matters, then Dave Moretti matters more than most. Moretti has been around the game a long time and is usually one of the three sitting at ringside at many of the star-studded PPV boxing attractions. May 2nd will be no exception and Moretti has plenty of experience watching both of these elite fighters from outside the ring apron. Moretti has judged seven of Mayweather's last nine fights and six Pacquiao contests.

If you're looking for an angle when betting on boxing then you may want to consider that Moretti was on Pacquiao's side when he fought Mexican sensation Juan Manuel Marquez for the third time and gave the decision to Pacquiao 115-113 which was in stark contrast to many fans and even more than a few pundits who saw things quite differently. The Pac-Man won that contest by majority decision but it is still a bone of contention for Marquez and his followers.


Judge Bert Clements
If judge Dave Moretti might have a slight bias for Pacquiao then the same might be said of Bert Clements penchant for all things Mayweather. In Money's first bout with Marcos Maidana judge Michael Pernick scored the bout a draw while the other judge graded Mayweather a 116-112 victor. Clements had nothing but love for Mayweather when he handed in a 117-111 lopsided card in favor of Floyd. In the two other Mayweather fights in which he resided as judge his scores were highest as well in Mayweather's favor.

Conversely, in his only Pacquiao fight as judge he scored it a 113-113 draw when Manny drew with Juan Manuel Marquez in their first fight. It was a pivotal scorecard he turned in as he could have easily scored the first round 10-6 when Pacquiao sent Marquez to the canvas three times as the other two judges did but he scored the round 10-7 in favor of the Pac-Man.


Judge Glenn Feldman
Like the other two judges Feldman will receive a $20,000 payday for sitting at ringside but unlike them he has virtually no experience judging either fighter. He has never judged a Pacquiao fight and the only Mayweather contest to which he was assigned was way back in 1998 when Money KO'ed Miguel Melo in round three. No judging needed in that one as Melo took a very public nap while Mayweather was ascending to boxing glory.

But Floyd Mayweather Sr. was very public in his criticism of Feldman when he rendered a decision in favor of challenger Juan Manuel Marquez when he battled then-champion Timothy Bradley in 2013. It was a split decision that Bradley won but Mayweather Sr. had this to say,

"I think all of these judges is b*******."

"They did it when Bradley fought Pacquiao. They did it when my son fought Alvarez. Now, they did this sh** again with Marquez. One judge had him (winning - referring of course to Feldman). That's what I'm saying about all of these judges."

Mayweather's camp is hoping judge Glenn Feldman forgives and forgets. But if you are perusing the boxing odds in this one and you are unsure which way to go, maybe a slight bias by two of the three judges towards Pacquiao may convince you to bet the underdog in this one.

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