Bet On The 2014 Emmy Awards: Odds Favorites & Predictions

Swinging Johnson

Wednesday, August 20, 2014 5:39 PM UTC

Wednesday, Aug. 20, 2014 5:39 PM UTC takes a break from the world of sports to give you a thumbnail sketch of the betting odds on the 2014 Emmy Awards.  It's TV's version of the Oscar's and here at SBR we've got an opinion on just about everything.

Full Disclosure
I'm not a snob and I don't pretend to read books in lieu of watching television. I love TV and I enjoy it even more now that we've got all the bells and whistles to make our viewing entertainment even more pleasurable with high-def flat screens that will show every fault on those pretty little faces that parade daily before our very eyes. That being said I am not a regular viewer of scripted dramas due to the fact I can watch real life shows like The First 48 that show me the true underbelly of the world around me and provide all the drama I need in my life. 

As far as comedies go the laugh tracks make it intolerable for me to watch many of them. The Big Bang Theory as well as Two and a Half Men are the most egregious examples of Hollywood cueing the obviously moronic viewing public as to what’s funny and what’s not. Two of the most hilarious and clever comedies in recent memory are The Office and Modern Family. Laugh tracks are conspicuously absent from both shows and as a result are better because of it. However, I have done my due diligence and watched some more than others but have definite opinions which I am happy to share.

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So without further ado, below are the major awards and their respective nominees as I try to navigate the capricious nature of the Emmy voters and help you decide the best betting picks for the 2014 Emmy Awards.


Outstanding Drama Series Betting Odds

Breaking Bad 1-5

True Detective 7-1

Game of Thrones 8-1

House of Cards 9-1

Downton Abbey 50-1

Mad Men 50-1

Okay so Breaking Bad is the overwhelming and prohibitive odds on betting favorite here but I cannot advocate laying 1-5 on anything let alone the fickle Hollywood elite who judge such things. Therefore, I must look for another candidate that could bring home the bucks yet I will rule out Downton Abbey because it’s primarily a chick oriented nighttime soap opera that won’t resonate with the boys in the judging fraternity. 

Game of Thrones is just too arduous and winding for many viewers to hang with and I have heard the scripts are getting weaker so we’ll toss that one out. Mad Men seems to be a bit passé at this point in time so we will kick that to the proverbial curb.

House of Cards boasts a genuine show business rock star in the form of Kevin Spacey but not enough eyes are on this Netflix political drama. Side Note: I spoke to Mr. Spacey’s assistant a few years ago about sending my 55,000 word manuscript to his attention at a theater he rehabbed in London called the Old Vic. My game plan assumed he would be so blown away by my literary masterpiece he would immediately bring it to the silver screen to wit he would star as one of the leads. When the phone didn’t ring…I knew it was him.

Let it be known I was a big fan of Matthew McConaughey even before he was relegated to second class status for his propensity to walk around sans shirt. I liked him way back when and now everyone likes him again due to his stellar performances in Dallas Buyers Club and now True Detective

However, I saw the first few episodes and it didn’t captivate me. But what absolutely blew me away and forced me to dust off my binky and drool cup was his co-star Woody Harrelson’s bedroom scene with the stunningly flawless Alexandra Daddario. She will have absolutely nothing to do with True Detective copping the award but she is merely the icing on the cake of a drama that gripped both men and women alike. And because of that it is my choice to cash as your Emmy betting pick.

SJ’s Outstanding Drama Emmy Award Pick: True Detective at 7-1



Outstanding Comedy Series Betting Odds

Orange is the New Black 3-2

Modern Family 2-1

Veep 3-1

Louie 10-1

The Big Bang Theory 10-1

Silicon Valley 30-1

adore Julia Louis-Dreyfus (sounds a bit gay when a man says it, no?) but Veep is the West Wing with a sense of humor which means it’s not a riotous laugh out loud comedy but more of a satirical poke at politicians and the postulating to which they are prone. I do like it but I forget when it’s on and then I feel like I have to watch the episodes I missed so I can clue into the dynamics between the characters. It starts to become work and therefore I don’t think it will have the mainstream oomph to push it over the edge.

Silicon Valley is tempting at 30-1 but I don’t view the HBO series as having enough clout to the get the job done. We’ve all seen the Steve Jobs story and we’re all a bit tired by now of the nerds who rule the world. 

Louie at 10-1 in your Emmy Award betting odds is a bit too focused on the main character which is the indefatigable Louis C.K. If you’re a fan of his comedy you will no doubt be voting for this one but his appeal is not broad enough to win this year.

See ya Big Bang as the cast is squabbling about their contracts and the whole laugh track thing I spoke of earlier leaves me colder than my wife at bedtime. Orange is the New Black has generated tons of buzz and is probably deserving of their odds on favorite status but Modern Family wins the day for me. A gorgeous ensemble of female characters who, like their male counterparts, play it straight and channel the dazzling wit of the script writers to comedic bliss.

SJ’s Outstanding Comedy Emmy Award Pick: Modern Family 2-1


Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Betting Odds

Matthew McConaughey (True Detective) 1-3

Bryan Cranston (Breaking Bad) 3-1

Kevin Spacey (House of Cards) 9-1

Jeff Daniels (The Newsroom) 30-1

Woody Harrelson (True Detective) 30-1

Jon Hamm (Mad Men) 50-1

As previously stated I’m a McConaughey fan but I have this sneaking suspicion the baggage he carried around as a pretty boy surfer dude before he broke out to critical acclaim in Dallas Buyers Club will cost him. Of course it shouldn’t but enough of those elitist snobs will turn their nose up and vote elsewhere. Elsewhere will be in the direction of the incomparable Bryan Cranston and his sublime interpretation of meth dealer Walter White in AMC’s Breaking Bad. The others don’t stand a chance.

SJ’s Outstanding Lead Actor in a Drama Series Pick: Bryan Cranston 3-1


Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Betting Odds

Robin Wright (House of Cards) 4-5

Julianna Margulies (The Good Wife) 3-2

Claire Danes (Homeland) 11-1

Kerry Washington (Scandal) 13-1

Michelle Dockery (Downton Abbey) 30-1

Lizzy Caplan (Masters of Sex) 50-1

Of course Robin Wright is superb in just about anything in which she appears. Undoubtedly she is a worthy favorite here. Julianna Margulies was the curly haired siren who walked away from a boatload of dough when she left ER well over a decade ago but has gone on to bigger and better things, particularly The Good Wife.

Michelle Dockery is hoping three times’ a charm as she has now been nominated thrice for the Outstanding Lead Actress Emmy for her portrayal as Lady Mary Crawley in the smash series Downton Abbey. Kerry Washington is rapidly becoming the dramatic actress of her generation racking up more awards than a fat guy has sweatpants.

But here’s your longshot ladies and gentlemen. The 32-year-old Lizzy Caplan has got a smoky, sultry sexiness about her that makes watching Masters of Sex not such a bad option for men who have to relinquish the remote control to their significant others for an hour a week. The chemistry between she and her co-star Michael Sheen is palpable and it would not be a huge surprise, but a marvelous return on your Emmy Award betting investment, if the voters shocked the show business world and voted her in this year.

SJ’s Outstanding Lead Actress in a Drama Series Pick: Lizzy Caplan 50-1

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