Bachelor Coltons V Card Comes Into Play On Reality Show

Bachelor Coltons V Card Comes Into Play On Reality Show

When we flipped channels while watching the Alabama-Clemson game Monday night we didn’t expect to see a woman in a sloth costume, very slowly getting out of a limousine and then slo-mo walking and talking her way up to Colton aka “The Bachelor’ on ABC.

Where is that “Bird Box’ blindfold when you need it

She wasn’t the only one stepping outside their and our comfort zone in an attempt to make a good first impression for longtime love. I guess when you are competing with 29 other women you do what you gotta do.

Miss North Carolina, wearing a sash but not the crown, showed him the flipside of the sash that had been altered to say Mrs. Underwood. He seemed impressed with that.

Erica gave him a large bag of nuts, another rolled up in Cinderella’s carriage and gifted him with a shoe, one faked an Australian accent and Catherine, a DJ from Florida, got out of the limo carrying her tea-cup Pomeranian Lucy which she promptly left with Colton. Last we saw, host Chris Harrison was walking the dog around bachelor mansion grounds. Sorry, I don’t know all the names, but does it really matter?

And unless you’ve been living under a rock, uh, lucky you, you probably know Colton is a virgin, which was a hot topic among the woman. A few addressed it the moment they got out of the car. Caitlin actually popped a helium-filled cherry balloon with him and another wannabe magician played a card trick where she walked away with his “V’ card. Seriously.

Colton’s virginity has prompted a prop bet on BetOnline. Surprise, not.

As the premiere episode progresses we could almost hear the tick-tick-tick among the women. No, not their biological clock or Colton’s virginity clock, but getting face time with the groom-to-be.

Through creative editing, it seems some of the women got zero time with him and then there was Catherine, who didn’t seem to think she had enough.

Yes, the woman who brought the dog exhibited some aggressive dog behavior by interrupting other woman’s time with Colton not once, not twice, not three times – but FOUR times. I am not a religious watcher of this program, but it seemed outrageous. She was a serious contender for the “first impression’ rose but maybe not for positive reasons.

Even Colton seemed to look questioningly at her with each interruption, but like a puppy, dutifully followed her to another couch for a chat.

Oneyka actually confronts Catherine at one point, telling her “that’s not cool, girl’ but it didn’t stop her fourth steal.

Hannah G., a content creator from Alabama, gets the first impression rose. She’d better embrace that moment because I’ve been told the first impressions usually don’t last until the engagement ring.

The rose ceremony was a blur, but I do know the sloth went home, as did Cinderella. Those staying, Miss North Carolina, fake accent woman and “popped cherry.’ And so does the interrupter, Catherine, who got the final rose and who already has been dubbed the villain for the season.

BetOnline wants you to get in on the action with a bet on Colton’s virginity.

Colton to lose virginity during season of “The Bachelor’?

  • Yes -500
  • No +300

Let’s just say, Colton seems to be on a mission. He kissed three women on night one, and the “fantasy suite’ also came up in conversation.

He also has said he’s not necessarily waiting for marriage but for the right woman. He doesn’t want his virginity to define him but has no problem with it being front and center in about every promo for the show.

Previews of the rest of the season, looks as if the season gets rocky (don’t they always). At one point, Colton actually scales a wall to get away from cameras. He revealed to The Hollywood Reporter that particular episode occurs during fantasy suite week, when Colton has the option to go camera-free for the evening, which usually means bow-chicka-wow-wow.

Our pick: Yes