As Expected, 'Game Of Thrones' Finale Prompts Fans' Tears And Jeers

Waking up with a “Game of Thrones’ hangover? You aren’t alone.

And whether you think the “GOT’ finale was as good as the last “Newhart’ or in the weeds with the end of “How I Met Your Mother,’ can we all agree that we shouldn’t have seen a water bottle during the counsel scene?

Yeah, it happened again, just like the to-go coffee cup. Check the show on your DVR, we’re pretty sure HBO is digitally erasing the piece of plastic as we type before it re-airs tonight.

We’re also pretty sure we can agree that the CGI moment where Dany is walking from the ruins and Drogon rises behind her and his wings appear on either side of her looking as if they are an extension of her is a pretty damn cool look.

One more, Peter Dinklage rules .. uh, wait, he rocks!

We’re not going to pass judgment on whether the right person rules Westeros, if that other person should have died, or whether that dude should be in exile. The bottom line is that the finale was always going to be divisive. Hey, at least it didn’t just go to black in the middle of a Journey song, right?

Yeah, we’re trying really hard not to spoil it for you folk who decided you had to know who was going to be the next “American Idol’ (Laine) before learning who would be sitting on the Iron Throne.

Hey, guess what, NO ONE sat in the Iron Throne. Drogon melted the seat of swords into a river of metal after Jon Snow stabbed Daenerys in the heart, killing her before she could travel the earth freeing (uh, conquering) all people, making them bend the knee. Oops, spoiler alert.

One more, Jon is reunited with Ghost and pats him on the head. If that didn’t make you smile you may be a lost cause.

Here’s how a few of the more popular BetOnline and Bovada bets played out:

  • Will Arya Stark Marry Gendry? No -1000

  • Will Arya wear Littlefingers Face? No -200

  • Arya and Gendry To Marry or Become Engaged? No -500

  • Will Jon Snow Marry Daenerys Targaryen? No -900

  • Will Sansa Stark Marry Tyrion Lannister? No -550

  • Will the North Be an Independent Kingdom at the End of Season 8? Yes -230

  • Will Tyrion Ride a Dragon? No +325

  • Will Bronn kill either Tyrion or Jaime? No-500

  • Will Bronn survive Season 8? Yes EVEN

  • Will Grey Worm be seen in final episode? Yes +170

  • Number of Surviving Dragons by End of Season 8. Over ½ Dragons

  • Will We See A Cup of Coffee Again? No -5000

  • Will There Be Nudity In The Final Episode? No -400

  • Last character to speak in the final episode? Tyrion +200

  • Will Brienne be seen in final episode? Yes -450

  • Will Drogon perish in final episode? No -300

  • Will Tormund Giantsbane be seen in final episode? Yes -200

  • Will four remaining Starks be shown together in final episode? Yes -160

  • Will there be nudity in the final episode? No -300

  • Ruler of Westeros End of Season 8? Bran Stark -100

  • Will Tyrion Lannister Survive The Final Season? Yes -300

  • Will Jon Snow Survive The Final Season? Yes -150

  • Will Jon Snow Kill Daenerys Targaryen? Yes -500

  • Will Daenerys Survive the final season? No -250

So are you happy with Bran ruling Westeros? Did Jon and all his heroics in the series get a raw deal with exile? Did you cheer when Jon did Dany in? Did you cry with Tyrion when he found his brother and sister in the rubble? Is the true ruler sitting in the North? Did you think Drogon channeled “The Lion King’ when he nudged Dany with his snout like Simba nudged Mufasa after he died? Did you laugh when Sam suggested a kingdoms-wide vote for ruler? Does Westeros have an electoral college?