American Idol Lurching Toward Picking Next Pop Star

American Idol Lurching Toward Picking Next Pop Star

The train that is “American Idol’ keeps chugging along, and it’s preparing to give us seemingly the Next Big Thing in recording industry.


Sorry if we’re having trouble mustering a lot of excitement about this particular group of hopefuls, who are most certainly talented, but to us lack the spark or personality of previous winners – or even runner-ups.

The final six are Alejandro Aranda, Laci Kaye Booth, Wade Coda, Laine Hardy, Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon, and Madison VanDenBurg.

BetOnline is offering a bet where you can pick the season’s winner.

This past week, “Idol’s’ best runner-up ever – Adam Lambert – was the mentor during Queen week, where the wannabe pop stars stepped into the shoes of front man Freddie Mercury.

The contrast between Lambert and the potential Idols was stark. Sure, Lambert is 10 years out from his appearance on the show and the finalists are young, very young and seemed literally needed their hands held to learn to move around a stage.

Is it possible to vote Lambert as the winner of this season?

Let’s hope they continue to carry his seasoned advice through to the end of the contest rather than starting from scratch on Sunday night.

This season’s frontrunner Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon certainly came closest to channeling the legendary singer, which saw Walker Burroughs and Alyssa Raghu being sent home by the public’s vote. The judges, Luke Bryan, Katy Perry and Lionel Ritchie chose not to save them.]

Harmon sang the poignant “Who Wants to Live Forever’ with the added pressure of having his parents in the audience for the first time of the season. From his first introductory video at the top of the season, Harmon has spoken of his strained relationship with his devoutly religious parents since coming out.

“You really embodied the spirit of (Queen frontman) Freddie Mercury with that performance,” Perry said in her critique.

Alejandro Aranda, who whether he wins or not (probably not), is supremely talented and will have a career as the next Ed Sheeran or at least 2008 Idol David Cook when this season is over. He did his own arrangement of “Under Pressure,’ that not a homerun was still more powerful than those trying to recreate Freddie on stage.

Laine Hardy who sang “Fat Bottomed Girls’ adequately while dressed as a pumped-up Wizard of Oz in a green sequined jacket is going to do well, or possibly win, just because of his pop idol “it’ factor. The teens go wild, the moms go wilder. Watch out for Laine.

Laci Kaye Booth too impressed with “Love of My Life,’ a nuanced performance that Ritchie called her “star-making moment.’

It was really a miracle Wada Cota made it the cut, he certainly didn’t think he was going to the next round after a pretty weak performance of “We Are the Champions’ where he also forgot some of the lyrics. The judges let the lyric goof slide and we swear we heard Simon Cowell screaming from the “America’s Got Talent’ set.

Madison Vandenburg showed off her big voice and had her diva in the spotlight moment – and that’s pretty much all we remember.

So, here we are lurching toward a final – who do you like? The wager is up at BetOnline:

Winner of American Idol Season 17?

  • Jeremiah Lloyd Harmon +275
  • Madison VanDenBurg +275
  • Laine Hardy +300
  • Alejandro Aranda +500
  • Laci Kaye Booth +500
  • Wade Cota +1000

Step right up and place your bets. Our money is on Laine but Jeremiah has the backstory that could give him he win.

The winner will be announced on May 20.