2016 US Presidential Election: Best Primaries Betting Odds

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Thursday, June 18, 2015 7:26 PM UTC

Thursday, Jun. 18, 2015 7:26 PM UTC

The Democrat and GOP primaries won’t be held until July of 2016 but it’s never too early to take a look at the United States presidential betting odds to see if we can target the winners and make a few bucks in the process.

Odds on Democrat Primary Election
Hillary Clinton (1/4) –
 The Democrat primary is hers for the taking. She has the war machine in place and is the darling of the left. Despite her reputation as a cold, calculating politician, she is a female candidate with plenty of star power who has the Democrat primary virtually sewn up. bet365 is your best option if you don’t mind laying the tremendous lumber at 1-4 betting odds.


Bernie Sanders (20/1) – The earthy, crunchy septuagenarian junior senator from Vermont has tossed his sandals into the ring and is hoping to catch fire with a grass roots movement that exempts money from Super PACS. Good luck with that Bernie. SkyBet has the best 2016 President Election betting markets odds if you’re a fan of Birkenstock Bernie.


Joe Biden (20/1) – The gaffe prone Joe Biden has not officially announced his candidacy but would give comics and late night talk show hosts a wealth of material should the Vice President decide to run. Betfair is the shop to wager with if Joltin’ Joe is your man.


Martin O’Malley (25/1) – BoyleSports will give you the best return on your investment if you believe that the former governor of Maryland will overcome great odds to be declared the Democrat candidate for the 2016 presidential election. The 52-year-old governor works out and wants everyone to know it by his many shirtless appearances. That being said, don’t lose your own shirt by betting too much on this CrossFit phenom with your presidential picks.


Lincoln Chaffee (100/1) – The only reason the former governor of Rhode Island is even on this list is because he has formally declared his candidacy but this is a guy who declined to run for a second term as governor because he had about as much support as Dolly Parton without her over-the-shoulder-boulder-holder. If you want to take a longshot go to Coral and get 100-1 on your money.

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Odds on Republican Primary Election aka Taming of the Shrew
Jeb Bush (9/4) – 
The RINO (Republican In Name Only) is about as Republican a candidate as Kim Kardashian is a Mensa member. Jeb is doing his level best to distance himself from his brother George and the last name that still echoes of an ill-fated war and a struggling economy. Jeb wants to please all the people all the time but his chalky status at 9-4, offered at SkyBet, would give me plenty of cause for pause. His last name is Bush and he’s more Democrat than Republican. What could possibly go wrong?


Marco Rubio (7/2) – SkyBet will give you the best value for your gambling dollar if you are so inclined to back the junior senator from Florida. Rubio is a Cuban-American hailing from Miami and has the boyish good looks to capture votes based on nothing more than a dimpled grin and Pepsodent smile. But at only 44-years-old and the "Watergate" moment in his rearview mirror (Google it) he may be viewed as unseasoned for the nation's highest office yet he is a candidate who will woo the Hispanic vote due to his heritage and immigration reform platform yet still has Tea Party roots.


Scott Walker (4/1) – SkyBet is again one of the offshore sportsbooks to turn to if you want the biggest bang for your buck on the governor of Wisconsin. He's a milquetoast everyman from the Midwest and could be just average enough for the Conservative right wingers to think of him as that distant cousin that made good.


Rand Paul (10/1) – The US Senator from Kentucky will be one of three candidates, the other two being Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz, trying to maintain his Tea Party base while demonstrating he is acceptable to the Republican party's moderates. Paul is for a federal flat tax and a few other pie-in-the-sky ideas but just might be appealing enough to the GOP voters to get the nod. Totesport is hanging the best odds on Paul at 10-1.


Ted Cruz (25/1) – The senator from Texas is a longshot to be sure and this quip from Conan O'Brien probably sums it up best "Ted Cruz released a presidential campaign video in Spanish. Cruz explained, "It's important for me to reach out to the people I'm trying to deport." " If you're feeling conflicted this is the guy for you. Go to Ladbrokes for the best odds of 25-1.


Donald Trump (40/1) – If it's a longshot you're looking for then you could do much worse than wagering on The Donald. Sure, he's arrogant, bombastic, egotistical and pompous but so are the rest of the politicians, only Trump revels in it while his competition cowers from it. Trump is plain spoken and irreverent, which will most likely doom his campaign but what fun the political pundits will have while he's still alive and kickin'. PaddyPower is offering US presidential primary betting odds of 40-1.

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