Usual Suspects in MLB: 2018 Might Look a Lot Like 2017

Kevin Stott

Monday, March 19, 2018 4:37 PM UTC

Monday, Mar. 19, 2018 4:37 PM UTC

With the 2018 MLB season starting next week, let’s look at the possible World Series matchup odds for the favorites in each league. We'll even offer a conventional and longshot pick for this niche futures market.

MLB: 2018 World Series Finalists Futures Odds

Betting in futures markets can often be an exercise in eliminating teams, and with only a handful of teams having a realistic chance to get to the 2018 World Series, being as honest as possible about a team’s chances is paramount in a bettor’s decision-making process. With a marathon 162-game schedule, rosters that are constantly changing, and variables such as injuries and “bad seasons,” one can see why trying to choose the American League and National League winners can be so hard.

Nine different teams have competed In the past five World Series, with each league sending different teams to the Fall Classic each season except for 2014 and 2015, when the Kansas City Royals represented the American League.

So what teams legitimately have the best chance of making it to the Series this year? The MLB odds board has the New York Yankees and defending National League champion Los Angeles Dodgers — representing the two biggest markets in the U.S. — as the favorites. BetOnline prices a Yankees-Dodgers matchup at 12/1 odds, with a 2017 repeat of the Dodgers and Houston Astros at 14/1 (+1400) in its “Name the Finalists” futures market.

Opening Day is March 29. The postseason is scheduled to begin October 2, and Game 1 of the World Series is October 23.

World Series Matchup Odds

Perhaps four teams from each league have a realistic shot to win a pennant -- the Astros, Yankees, Cleveland Indians (+400 to win pennant, 5Dimes) and Boston Red Sox (+545) in the AL; and the Dodgers, Chicago Cubs (+375 to win pennant), Washington Nationals (+390) and San Francisco Giants (+1350) in the NL. Here the World Series matchup odds for the favorites in each league:

Boston Red Sox-Arizona Diamondbacks +8000

Boston Red Sox-Atlanta Braves +32500

Boston Red Sox-Chicago Cubs +3000

Boston Red Sox-Cincinnati Reds +32500

Boston Red Sox-Colorado Rockies +10000

Boston Red Sox-Los Angeles Dodgers +2500

Boston Red Sox-Miami Marlins +75000

Boston Red Sox-Milwaukee Brewers +6600

Boston Red Sox-New York Mets +6600

Boston Red Sox-Philadelphia Phillies +25000

Boston Red Sox-Pittsburgh Pirates +25000

Boston Red Sox-San Diego Padres +40000

Boston Red Sox-San Francisco Giants +8000

Boston Red Sox-St. Louis Cardinals +6600

Boston Red Sox-Washington Nationals +3000

Cleveland Indians-Arizona Diamondbacks +5000

Cleveland Indians-Atlanta Braves +22500

Cleveland Indians-Chicago Cubs +2200

Cleveland Indians-Cincinnati Reds +22500

Cleveland Indians-Colorado Rockies +6600

Cleveland Indians-Los Angeles Dodgers +1800

Cleveland Indians-Miami Marlins +50000

Cleveland Indians-Milwaukee Brewers +5000

Cleveland Indians-New York Mets +4000

Cleveland Indians-Philadelphia Phillies +17500

Cleveland Indians-Pittsburgh Pirates +17500

Cleveland Indians-San Diego Padres +27500

Cleveland Indians-San Francisco Giants +5000

Cleveland Indians-St. Louis Cardinals +4000

Cleveland Indians-Washington Nationals +2200

Houston Astros-Arizona Diamondbacks +4000

Houston Astros-Atlanta Braves +17500

Houston Astros-Chicago Cubs +1800

Houston Astros-Cincinnati Reds +75000

Houston Astros-Colorado Rockies +25000

Houston Astros-Los Angeles Dodgers +1400

Houston Astros-Miami Marlins +40000

Houston Astros-Milwaukee Brewers +3300

Houston Astros-New York Mets +3300

Houston Astros-Philadelphia Phillies +15000

Houston Astros-Pittsburgh Pirates +15000

Houston Astros-San Diego Padres +22500

Houston Astros-San Francisco Giants +4000

Houston Astros-St. Louis Cardinals +3300

Houston Astros-Washington Nationals +1800

New York Yankees-Arizona Diamondbacks +4000

New York Yankees-Atlanta Braves +17500

New York Yankees-Chicago Cubs +1600

New York Yankees-Cincinnati Reds +17500

New York Yankees-Colorado Rockies +5000

New York Yankees-Los Angeles Dodgers +1200

New York Yankees-Miami Marlins +40000

New York Yankees-Milwaukee Brewers +3300

New York Yankees-New York Mets +3300

New York Yankees-Philadelphia Phillies +12500

New York Yankees-Pittsburgh Pirates +12500

New York Yankees-San Diego Padres +22500

New York Yankees-San Francisco Giants +4000

New York Yankees-St. Louis Cardinals +3300

New York Yankees-Washington Nationals +1600

Chicago Cubs-Baltimore Orioles +12500

Chicago Cubs-Boston Red Sox +3000

Chicago Cubs-Chicago White Sox +20000

Chicago Cubs-Cleveland Indians +2200

Chicago Cubs-Detroit Tigers +50000

Chicago Cubs-Houston Astros +1800

Chicago Cubs-Kansas City Royals +20000

Chicago Cubs-Los Angeles Angels +4000

Chicago Cubs-Minnesota Twins +10000

Chicago Cubs-New York Yankees +1600

Chicago Cubs-Oakland Athletics +20000

Chicago Cubs-Seattle Mariners +6600

Chicago Cubs-Tampa Bay Rays +12500

Chicago Cubs-Texas Rangers +12500

Chicago Cubs-Toronto Blue Jays +6600

Los Angeles Dodgers-Baltimore Orioles +10000

Los Angeles Dodgers-Boston Red Sox +2500

Los Angeles Dodgers-Chicago White Sox +15000

Los Angeles Dodgers-Cleveland Indians +1800

Los Angeles Dodgers-Detroit Tigers +40000

Los Angeles Dodgers-Houston Astros +1400

Los Angeles Dodgers-Kansas City Royals +15000

Los Angeles Dodgers-Los Angeles Angels +3300

Los Angeles Dodgers-Minnesota Twins +8000

Los Angeles Dodgers-New York Yankees +1200

Los Angeles Dodgers-Oakland Athletics +15000

Los Angeles Dodgers-Seattle Mariners +5000

Los Angeles Dodgers-Tampa Bay Rays +10000

Los Angeles Dodgers-Texas Rangers +10000

Los Angeles Dodgers-Toronto Blue Jays +5000

San Francisco Giants-Baltimore Orioles +40000

San Francisco Giants-Boston Red Sox +8000

San Francisco Giants-Chicago White Sox +50000

San Francisco Giants-Cleveland Indians +5000

San Francisco Giants-Detroit Tigers +150000

San Francisco Giants-Houston Astros +4000

San Francisco Giants-Kansas City Royals +50000

San Francisco Giants-Los Angeles Angels +12500

San Francisco Giants-Minnesota Twins +27500

San Francisco Giants-New York Yankees +4000

San Francisco Giants-Oakland Athletics +50000

San Francisco Giants-Seattle Mariners +20000

San Francisco Giants-Tampa Bay Rays +35000

San Francisco Giants-Texas Rangers +40000

San Francisco Giants-Toronto Blue Jays +20000

Washington Nationals-Baltimore Orioles +12500

Washington Nationals-Boston Red Sox +3000

Washington Nationals-Chicago White Sox +20000

Washington Nationals-Cleveland Indians +2200

Washington Nationals-Detroit Tigers +50000

Washington Nationals-Houston Astros +1800

Washington Nationals-Kansas City Royals +20000

Washington Nationals-Los Angeles Angels +4000

Washington Nationals-Minnesota Twins +27500

Washington Nationals-New York Yankees +1600

Washington Nationals-Oakland Athletics +50000

Washington Nationals-Seattle Mariners +6600

Washington Nationals-Tampa Bay Rays +12500

Washington Nationals-Texas Rangers +12500

Washington Nationals-Toronto Blue Jays +6600

Free “Name the Finalists" Futures Pick: Astros-Dodgers 14/1 (BetOnline)

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