Sports BIT: Tuesday Betting Overview of College Football & MLB

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Tuesday, July 5, 2016 3:00 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jul. 5, 2016 3:00 PM UTC

Teddy and Pauly don’t schedule guests on #SportsBIT every day, but when they do have a guest on, that guest is a legitimate expert on the sport that they are covering.

Take the Tuesday edition of SportsBIT as a prime example!  in today’s Deep Dive, Pauly sits down with one of the top college football experts in the country, the legendary Phil Steele, for Part 1 of an intense, information packed, four part series over the next four days.

Phil Steele’s biography is an impressive one. He started publishing his College Football Previews in 1995, and by the time Teddy moved to Vegas in 1998 and Pauly moved there in 2000, the Steele preview was already firmly established as the industry leader. The success of his preview magazine and the breadth and depth of his knowledge has vaulted Steele up into the stratosphere when it comes to how far a handicapper can go in the mainstream world. 

Phil Steele frequently appears on ESPN’s SportsCenter and just about every other major sports network. His knowledge is so well respected that several key books in Vegas don’t put out college football numbers until AFTER his magazine is released AND he is now on the voting committee for more than a handful of the ‘End of Season’ college football awards like the Davey O’Brien Award, the Ted Hendricks Award, the John Mackey Award and the Lombardi Award. This is the type of guest that Teddy and Pauly take their time interviewing, making sure every SportsBIT viewer can get every last bit of information presented to them!

Today’s SportsBIT is loaded with Bad Beats, Bad Bets and MLB Odds & Game Previews. There’s ample Kevin Durant info and opinions, after the NBA betting markets shifted dramatically following Durant’s announcement that he would be joining the Warriors. But make no mistake about it – this week is all about Phil Steele and college football.

And Steele isn’t shy about offering strong opinions. He took Florida State to win the national title as his college football pick, suggested that there’s a solid chance that the PAC-12 gets frozen out of the college football playoff, and went in depth breaking down the SEC. Steele offers his opinion on whether Kirby Smart was a good hire for Georgia, whether Tennessee can finally break through in the SEC East, and which team from the West can give LSU and Alabama a challenge this fall. Check out the full interview and the full show right here, right now!

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