Sports BIT: Pitching Stats That Are Making Bettors Money

Teddy Covers

Wednesday, June 29, 2016 3:48 PM UTC

Wednesday, Jun. 29, 2016 3:48 PM UTC

Join Us For Wednesday’s Sports B.I.T Teddy and Pauly open with a discussion of some bad beats and bad bets last night. Here are some key facts that you won't want to miss.

Bad Bets starts with a Moose in Cincinnati, where Under 8.5 bettors had to feel pretty good about their wager with a 2-1 score in the 9th inning. A blown save and five extra innings later, it was sitting at 2-2 in the 15th inning, as the beleaguered Reds bullpen came through with 8.1 innings of scoreless baseball against the team with more runs scored than any other in the NL. But that Reds bullpen finally cracked open in the 15th. Five Cubs runs later, those Under bets that looked so good in the 9th inning were now losers or pushes, a truly tough beat.

The Indians 11th straight victory went under the microscope with an emphasis on one of the key hidden factors in Cleveland’s success – the #4 ranked defense in all of MLB. The White Sox went down as a -190 favorite on MLB odds yesterday, and Teddy and Pauly break down why the ChiSox are in the midst of a nasty 9-26 skid in games started by anyone other than Chris Sale. And Pauly and Teddy discuss the end of the Twins remarkable run of Overs after Minnesota cashed their third straight Under ticket following their first shutout of the season.

SportsBIT aims to be interactive, even though the show is taped. Teddy and Pauly have been taking questions on Twitter (@teddy_covers @PaulyHoward @SBRsportspicks #SportsBIT), two of which were answered on today’s show. ‘David’ asked for the pros and cons of betting Team Totals in baseball. Teddy’s response – they can be excellent wagers, but beware the extra juice with ‘prop’ wagers (often -115 either way or higher on for MLB picks. That extra juice really adds up over time.

‘Duke’ asked Teddy to help him change a sportsbook’s ‘unfair betting practices’ when it comes to listing pitchers for baseball. Teddy’s advice was simple. You can’t change any policy at any sportsbook. Neither can Teddy. Neither can Pauly. But we can ‘vote with our dollars’. If a book has policies we don’t appreciate, find another book. 

Or better yet, find two or three or four books and split your money up, to give you the ability to shop for the best line; the variance from book to book that professional bettors covet. After all, this show is HOSTED by a website called – a site that offers both newbies and pros plenty of options when it comes to selecting reputable offshore books. Of course, Duke can do what both Teddy and Pauly did – it’s never to late to pack up and move to Vegas! Check out the full show right here, right now.

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