Sports BIT: MLB Betting Preview & LA Rams' NFL Futures

Teddy Covers

Tuesday, June 7, 2016 1:00 PM UTC

Tuesday, Jun. 7, 2016 1:00 PM UTC

When the weather heats up and the sports betting world slows down, longtime Vegas veterans Pauly and Teddy know what bettors are looking for when they watch SportsBIT every day.

The mainstream US audience isn’t looking for breakdowns of upcoming tennis matches. Wiseguys bet the WNBA. Recreational bettors? Not so much! 

There’s a huge international betting marketplace for soccer, but it’s not something that has drawn massive attention from North American bettors. Auto racing isn’t a mainstream betting sport. Horse racing attracts attention for the Triple Crown races, but not much else. Pauly and Teddy bring on guests to cover some of these ‘periphery’ sports; just like they do for the NHL Playoffs.

But the primary focus of SportsBIT is on the three sports USA bettors love to wager on more than any others – baseball, football and basketball. Once the NBA Finals are through, it’ll be primarily MLB Picks and football. Every day. Because that’s what bettors want!

And let’s be honest – a show that broke down every single MLB Odds from a betting perspective every night would be rather unwieldy. The pace would slow down, the viewership counts would drop, and Teddy and Pauly would spend way too much time analyzing games where they have no strong opinion and no intention of making a wager.

Instead, Teddy and Pauly break down a handful of MLB games in depth on each show. Today’s Big Game Breakdowns feature concise, but in-depth looks at two marquee matchups tonight. They start with Dodgers – Rockies, as minor league phenom Julio Urias makes his Dodger Stadium debut. Urias put up downright sick numbers in the minors, but his first two big league starts were downright ugly. Should bettors expect a turnaround tonight? Watch the show and find out!

Pauly and Teddy also break down the Rangers – Astros interleague showdown. Dallas Keuchel has some ugly full season numbers following last year’s Cy Young campaign, but a thorough breakdown of Keuchel’s last three starts show that he may have finally turned the corner. But the Astros have been really pressing in every recent matchup against their in-state rivals: 0-7 against Texas this year and 14-42 in their last 56 games in Arlington. These Vegas veterans break down all the nuances of this matchup in a ‘must watch’ Big Game Breakdown.

And, of course, for the next 26 shows, Teddy and Pauly will be doing in-depth NFL team previews (they’ve done six already, with 26 more to come). If you haven’t watched one yet, now’s the time, with the LA Rams going under the microscope on today’s show.

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